Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Memories Popping Up Lately

So recently I have been in contact with some of Adam's old friends, from Macomb and Springfield. I wanted to share a few things, or just preserve them here in this space that has served me well through this journey:

Also, know that adam loved every one of you guys. He spoke nothing but highly of you guys, especially you. He was distant, but know you meant so much to him. I didn't really dive into the distance because I didn't want to upset him, but he did love you as much as you'd imagine.

I don’t think anyone really took many posed pictures back then. Most were candid. Him laying on the couch was a snow day. I remember that specifically because Lauren Hensley was there too, and we just had a conversation about it a few weeks ago!

I called this one "Dude" from 2008 (pretty sure)

Yeah, Adam would take on about anybody

He was there for every big event of our teenage years and early 20s. No memory from growing up is complete without a Tut moment.

Kylie Jo

There will only be one Tut...

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Bleak Mid-Winter

Seemingly benign things- a Kawhi Leonard article in SI, kingtut19888 login popping up when I restart my/his computer,  a pocket sized 2106 calendar, a commercial I know he will never see- these things start my heart to aching, but I don't stay there too long. I can't. Maybe I should?

We are coming up on three years on February 2. Goddamn suicide.

Some rays of light poke through. Receiving a grant to run a children's grief camp again, planning a trip to Florida, losing myself in another good book.