Thursday, October 04, 2018


I had two dreams about Adam this week. Not long ones, but he was clearly there.

I went on the radio yesterday morning to talk about the Walk, and almost was late because the battery in Adam's watch that I wear everyday died.

Monday evening I totally spaced out the Suicide Support Group. I had offered to pick up the pottery projects at the Park office that were fired and totally forgot that when I dropped off the banners for the Walk on my lunch that afternoon. So two fails on that.

I'm fretting and stewing about the weather Saturday which I totally can't control. Hoping for a good event in spite of the weather.

When I went to pick up my watch battery, the song Africa came on. That's my anthem for Adam.

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Betsy Vick said...

Maybe Adam is reaching out and joshing you a bit about your fretting. He doesn't want you to worry. The weather will be fine; we walk, rain or shine.