Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Another amazing Out of the Darkness Walk wrapped this past weekend. We raised over $14,000 so far, the highest total by far in three years. Over 200 Walkers (our mayor estimated closer to 400) signed in on a rainy but not cold day in October to remember loved ones lost to suicide, support each other and make a difference in our community. Adam's Uncle Kevin made it in from Omaha for his first Walk, and represented the Tuttles well! Everyone enjoyed visiting with Kevin.

To see an entire high school football team walk up to our event  in uniform; it's sobering. One life changed so many. The impact of suicide is enormous on young people. I see it in my own sons, and I saw it on Saturday. The most prevalent comment I heard was how these young people brought out the emotions in everyone.

The torrential downpour just as we took off to walk could be seen as a negative.  However, there was no lightning and it wasn't too cold. I choose to see the positive, the resilience, the metaphor for overcoming a tragedy and making the world a better place. We have to do things differently if we want to stem the increase in suicide.

Our team this year (many didn't make the pic):

Cal had so many friends and supporters come to hear him speak. Several spent the weekend with us and it was a joy to have the house full of so many amazing young adults. If I hear another complaint about "Millenials" I'm going to lose it! This generation is caring, thoughtful, bright and funny.

The support and love was felt strongly by me and I believe others that day and leading up to the Walk with donations pouring in from so many sources. The rain just made it more special.

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