Sunday, December 24, 2017

I Will Wait for You

It got me again. My uber -talented nephew Ethan was doing a piano performance at Wesley Village where my parents live entitled "Bach to Tackett." Grandma gave it the boss title, and Ethan nailed it with selections from Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussey, Copeland, his jazz repertoire, original pieces and ending with "Christmas Melody" arranged by his truly.

About 8 residents and 9 Vick relations gathered in the chapel. Ethan introduced each piece (several times in progressively louder decibels to appease the audience, namely Grandma), and even gave a brief music history lesson when one of the elder ladies shouted out, "Beethoven was blind, wasn't he?"

Ethan prefacing one his original pieces with something along the lines of, "This song is called I Will Wait for You and it's about when you lose someone you love. This song is very special to me," was enough to start the flow. I'm so proud of him and how amazing it is that he can write and sing such beautiful music and not break down himself. He sang at Adam's memorial and Eli and Hannah's rehearsal dinner, choking everyone up. I didn't look at anyone else yesterday, but I'm pretty sure it socked the nine of us family members in the gut. The elder ladies must have wondered what was going on.

It snowed this morning and we are having nice family time. We had a Willy Wonka marathon last night, a private family yoga session, a walk at Veterans Park, and of course, strawberry making. I am going to bake my almost famous "Poppy Seed Delight" bread and try a new casserole, Cinnamon Roll French Toast. I wouldn't say I am "bah humbug" but I didn't put up a tree or stockings or do much shopping. The spirit of Christmas is still alive, and Adam lives in our hearts this year and always.

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