Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Real Dream

After falling asleep rather quickly last night and then waking for two hours, I fell back in a deep sleep. I woke at just the right time to remember vividly my first dream about Adam since he died. The boys, Betsy and I were in my kitchen, when he walked in. I ran to hug him because this was post-death, and I knew he was there in some kind of ghost form. I was astounded when he didn't disappear with the hug. He then said to Betsy, "Do you want to see me eat my last grilled cheeses?" The next thing I remember he was in a miniature sized red convertible in the parking lot getting a push from the boys. The car didn't start so I tried pushing it and eventually that tripped the starter and away he went.


Anonymous said...

Was the car Greased Lightning? It must be so hard to wake up and realize it was a dream, but I'm glad you can dream and see him again and hug him.

susan d said...

It might be the car from on stage at Grease! I also had just looked a picture of Adam and Teddy riding around in that little red toy sports car. Combination!