Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Far, Wide, Deep

I cried through my 5 minute meditation this morning. Tracey Chapman's first album came out when I was pregnant with Adam and living in Denver. Baby Can I Hold You became his song, rocking my pregnant belly in our slatted wooden rocking chair, then holding my warm little miracle until he fell asleep. I hadn't played the song since Adam passed until this morning. Maybe if I told you the right words at the right time...

I want to write a poem but I don't have a shred of poeticism in me. I am far too practical, efficient and direct in my writing.

In a bubble of my own making,
Don't try to pierce it
It might shatter into a billion jagged pieces and you will get hurt

Far away looking out from my bubble
Deep in my own soul
Pouring over every remnant I can find

Wide is the space between us
But I see you in the stars
And the clouds and the sky

Closer than I dreamed

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful and lyrical. You have a poet's soul and your writing throughout this process has been filled with poetry. But this is truly lovely.