Sunday, July 19, 2015

Making :  senseless blog posts
Cooking :  nothing
Drinking :  coffee
Reading:  11/22/63
Wanting:  breakfast
Looking:  haggard
Playing:  DVDs
Deciding:  what to do today
Wishing:  I could see my kids today
Enjoying:  peace and quiet
Waiting:  for the rain to stop
Liking:  my husband
Wondering:  when I will get dressed
Loving:  my life
Pondering:  old age
Considering:  what to do with an extra peanut butter pie
Buying:  nada, I hope
Watching:  Orange is the New Black, season 2
Hoping:  to watch a home video today (I have about 10 left to preview)
Marvelling: @ the parking lot's disarray
Cringing: at the bugs coming out of the corn
Needing:  sustenance
Questioning: religious people
Smelling: cleanliness
Wearing: bathrobe
Following:  Pinterest
Noticing:  clocks
Knowing:  I am blessed
Thinking: too much
Admiring: real writers
Sorting:  pictures, movies
Getting: hungry
Bookmarking: Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff
Coveting:  nothing really 
Disliking:  whiners
Opening:  my bank statement multiple times
Giggling: at OITNB
Feeling: content
Snacking: wishing I didn't so much
Helping:  myself
Hearing:  golf in the background

Saturday, July 04, 2015

About Time

Pat had me watch a DVR'd movie called About Time, starring a little known ginger actor named Domhnall Gleeson. He actually played a Weasley in the Harry Potters, the sidekick in Unbroken, and recently, Caleb the main character in Ex Machina. It involves Tim (Domhnall's)'s ability to time travel. Only he doesn't use it in the usual fictional way to alter the course of history. He makes little changes in his own life, and sometimes goes back when he doesn't like the result and undoes the change. The overall message is to take note of the life you are living and make it count, enjoy it, improve it for someone else.

The mood of the movie (the content, the music, the setting {England}, the odd choice of actors) was rather melancholy and reminded me different moments I've had where I wonder at the confluence of events that brought a particular group of people together at the same time and place. It usually happens at less everyday events such as a concert at ISU, an out of town ball game, a play, etc. where we are having a collective experience but are not otherwise connected. It reminded me that this fall will be the last of Eli's college music performances. Other parents will one day populate the CPA for their children's concerts. I won't be in that time and place again.

Tim also uses time travel to relive precious moments, notably at the end of the movie, which made me unbearably sad. Haven't we all had times we wished would never end...I've often thought I would like to go back and spend one hour with my babies again. Or my toddlers, teenagers, young adults.