Sunday, July 21, 2013


Yesterday was a really nice day. We had a little down time with the boys and Cal was so funny.  He was singing out random songs generally acting goofy. That's kind of what happens when a sports season ends. He played his last Legion baseball game Friday, and he will never play in Macomb again at the high school field.  He can't wait to get out of Macomb and on our little getaway to Western NY next week.

Then Marissa came over and it always takes awhile to get our groove on, but eventually we did after she was 'bored' with the board game I bought at a yard sale. She was a little lukewarm on the picture treasure hunt I made her, and didn't especially like the sunglasses I picked out for her. She liked yellow but I liked pink on her.  I filled up water balloons, as I did last time we were together and they were busting as soon as we carefully set them on the spikey, hard grass.  We played Sorry, had dinner and sang a few Karaoke songs.  She prefers crap, dare I say, from something called "Victorious," a Nickolodean show and Selena Gomez??  I prefer Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum, even Lady Gaga to that.

That evening I spent with some girlfriends who always crack me up.  We played some Loaded Questions and I have the ability to fake people out.  Apparently, my inner self doesn't exactly match my outer self, and the game brings that up quite well.  I like a shock factor, too. I was out late (11:00) and slept great in clean sheets.  

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Note to Dad (Richard): the following is NOT for publication in the Family News.

I have to tell one on Eli now.  He asked to go grocery shopping with me this week, so he could "learn from the sensei." He's getting his own apartment next year and that means supplying the food for himself.  I guess I forgot how much I hate shopping with others, especially for groceries.  So, off we went Friday morning.  As soon as we got in the store, I was feeling very testy, for whatever reason.  A lady who was ordering too much pastrami was really pissing me off, and then she and her daughter were clogging up every aisle I went down with their bodies and shopping cart.  I tried to skip an aisle to get ahead of her, but she kept getting in my way.  Finally, the following exchange came:
Eli: How can you live like this?
Me: You mean all cranky and bitchy?
Eli: Yeah, and you let some random person ruin your shopping experience.

I guess all Eli learned from the sensei was never to go shopping with the Sensei.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I just wanted to say this: I haven't talked to Adam in a couple of weeks.  But it was so nice, I saw him four times in less than two months.  He came home for Mother's Day which was really sweet.  He didn't get to the mall (his lament) before he came, so when I went down to Springfield to see him over Memorial Day, he took me to the mall to get supplied with tea from Teavana, the elegant tea store.  Then he took me out to eat at the Chesapeake (very nice restaurant) and insisted on paying.  We were supposed to grill out, but the weather was pretty ugly.  June 11 he came home for his birthday, and he also made an appearance July 1-2 when Betsy and Chris were here.  Don't think we have had this much visits in- ever.  While none of my kids are particularly a-ttached, Adam is the most detached so it has made me happy to have this contact with him.

Okay, so Cal cracked me up yesterday.  He was hanging around and took an unposed picture of me.  See below.  He goes, "This isn't bad.  Look at your luscious hair!"

And Happy 82nd Birthday to my dear Dad.  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And the Mountains Echoed

I had kind of an epiphany while reading Khaled Hosseini's new book (title above).  Hosseini writes about Afghan relationships and culture, most famously in The Kite Runner.  This new novel is spread all over time and the world but all ties back to Afghanistan.

One son has grown up in Greece and left as soon and as far away as he could get.  As a doctor, he ended up helping in war torn Kabul in the present time.  The longer he is away from Greece and his mother, the harder it is to go back, and he avoids it for many years.  When he finally goes back, he is shocked to learn his mother is proud of him and what he has done in the world.

A daughter born in San Francisco to Afghan parents grows up and is unable to leave home. As an only child, she feels she must see her mother threw her death of cancer as she was about to leave for college. She is then tied to her lonely father, who has dementia.  He lost all his family in Afghanistan and came to the United States to start a restaurant and a new life.  By the time the girl finds her father's sister, who was separated from the family at age four, he know longer has his mind to know who she is.

This made me think about how we don't or shouldn't own our children.  Our best job is get them ready to go out into the world and be themselves.  While staying home and caring for family is usually seen as an admirable thing, this novel kind of turned that idea on its head.  I'm not sure that was Hosseini's intention but that is what I took from it.  We are all responsible for the direction of our lives and there shouldn't be any guilt about living it the way we choose.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

5 Weeks

I noticed that the next 2.5 weeks are going to be my slowest time of the summer.  I have a lot to accomplish on my home study class on ADHD.  It seems much easier than the one I took from the same company on poverty. I poured my heart and soul into that class.  This one I am pretty much breezing through.

There are a few baseball games left. One more band concert. The garden is starting to produce a little fruit.  I am cooking a few good meals. I am trying to stay active.  Actually, I am waiting on a book to come in from the library (Alexander Soderberg).  I have already read several good ones this summer. We are thinking of watching a new show called "The Bridge." It is based on a Danish program, and since we like "The Killing" so much, and it is based on a Danish show, hoping it is as good, or nearly, because nothing could be as good as The Killing. I am working on mind control (my own), as in not letting myself get worked up about minor but annoying issues that come up.  It takes positive self talk, practice of  yoga or meditation, distraction, activity, and affirmations.  Makes me think maybe one day I will return to mental health counseling possibly starting a private practice for therapy and spiritual growth.

And 5 Weeks refers to how much time is left before I go back to work.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013


We have been having a great week with my family. A LOT of laughs, hopefully no one's feelings got hurt.

One highlight was touring the Horn Field Campus with Eli where he and Cal work.  I have to say the high ropes were much higher than I remember climbing at a similar facility back when I was 28 or 29.  It was a huge challenge then, but I think it would be close to impossible now.  Thanks, family for dropping me on the Spider Web challenge ("low" as in 12 inches "rope"), bending my back awkwardly backwards and bruise/cutting my knee.  Great teamwork.  Later, we managed the "Whale Watch" challenge where five of use balanced on a teetering platform.  I think we were the worst group Eli has ever had...

Yesterday we attempted to rent boats on TWO nearby lakes. Now it's confirmed why the area is not known for it's recreational facilities. Both closed to boat rentals on Monday-Tuesday and Monday-Friday respectively.  And I thought it was summer vacation season! Ha.  We resorted to blowing grass through our thumbs for what seemed like hours, trying to get a bald eagle to swoop closer.  Later Chris broke Mom and Dad's TV trying to plug his phone into the USB port to play a video of this activity.

Everyone is sleeping now, at peace.  I went to bed early last night after several late nights in a row, playing games and talking.