Saturday, November 03, 2012


I just noticed that blogger is underlining certain words in my blog and turning them into ads, if you click on them, or even hover over them.  That might be cause to rebel, because god knows blogger needs my fan-dom to sell things (like flu shots). 

It was a funny, quiet day. I had nothing on my agenda.  Jojo had a jazz concert this evening, but I've been to Bloomington Normal just about enough this fall and another 4 hour drive was never really in the cards. Instead, Pat got some plastic on some west facing windows, cleaning them and the curtains which badly needed it. 

I've enjoyed catching up on some other blogs today, when taking a break from my Kindle book, "A Discovery of Witches."  A bit predictable, the witch and vampire will be getting together.


Ginnie said...

The witch and vampire will be getting together? HA! Life is so exciting these days, I see. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to hover to find some ads, but can't. Maybe they're only selling to you?!?!

madretz said...

I hear ya about comment moderation...what a pain to have to type in those cryptic captia codes. I tried to go a few weeks w/o them but ended up getting 3-10 spam messages a day. PIA.

glad you're enjoying your kindle. I got a sample of the first few pages of Gone Girl, interesting.

re: simple're probably thinking of the feece tied blankets...try this link:

or for a rag edge quilt made of flannel:

The fleece one is faster and easier. the flannel is also pretty quick but i still ended up spending several hours on it.

Glad to see you back on the blogs.