Sunday, September 23, 2012

Productive Weekend

Late in the day Friday I decided to make the trip to attend one of Boy19's jazz concerts after work. I had held off a decision and see how I felt.  I had had a busy week with a blood donation and flu shot the night before. Sometimes by Friday I just want to go home and chill and this little trip would make about an 18 hour day.  I had a challenging but invigorating day so I decided to go for it. 

I got to Normal about 4:45, plenty of time for dinner out with Boy19.  We invited his roommate but he had marching band practice.  Boy19 chose Outback Steakhouse, a place I unbelievably had never been. I wasn't in the mood for steak, but it's not about ME now is it?  When we pulled up I saw a quaint Indian restaurant and asked if he would like to try it, but he was afraid the spicy food would  dry up his mouth for playing trumpet??  So, in we went.  The loud music and noise from all the diners was reverberating through my bones, but I soldiered on.  Boy19 enjoyed his "Chicken on the Barbie" and we shared a yummy guacamole and crab appetizer, but I could only eat a few bites of my salad entre. 

We got back to campus just in time for his dress rehearsal while I took a nap in the parking garage.  The concert began at 8 pm and the program looked rather short, five pieces for Jazz II and six numbers for Jazz I, which it turned out I had miscounted; there were seven.  I had forgotten how long one improvisational jazz tune can last...Boy18 sat with me during the Jazz II set. I studiously took notes,which I always do so I can comment afterwards on specific details and impressions I have.

Boy19, oh what the hell, he's a grown man.  Jojo shared lead in the Jazz I band.  This apparently doesn't entitle you to solos where you walk up front to the microphone, or even solo from your place in the band much.  I was busy taping one song with the Ipad and almost didn't notice he did have a short solo.  They were pro.  I thought Jazz II sounded good until Jojo's group played. Wow.  Very proud mama.

The two hour drive back home was pretty monotonous but I listened to this buttery voice named "Delilah" who was sending out romantic songs for lovelorn middle aged lonely hearts (from what I could tell). 

Saturday night I was out late again chaperoning an unnamed high school homecoming dance. For the first hour I took money for those who had not purchased tickets in advance. The going rate is $15 in case you're interested.  I also marveled at the how the administrator checked ID's and commanded the young people to her will, and the teacher who found the forms for the guests who were not students.  We were absolutely slammed with students for 45 minutes straight, and there were ticket takers at other doors.  I had no idea.

Pretty much as expected, the new dirty dancing has the girl rubbing her behind against the boy's frontside for three hours straight.  I was waiting all night to hear the song "Gangum Style," the youtube sensation I recently discovered.  There was also a fun song where the kids do what looks like a line dance; Cal tells me it's called "Cupid Shuffle" which is about five years old so I guess I am not so down with the times. 

I feel I earned my $50 by breaking up two extended tongue entwined interactions, one ridiculous display of three year old horseplay, two boys whose hands were dangerously close to the fire alarm, and circling in and around the dance floor for two hours straight.  Afterwards, I helped tear down the pretty cool decorations before arriving home at 1:00 a.m.

That brings me to today.  However, I am really needing to get my clothes and self ready for another work week so here's the unembellished version of my productive day: visit parents, clean oven, wrk out, drop off snack for theater party, get gas, take nap, go to the library, make lasagna, eat lasagna, take walk, watch football, read blogs, write blog, say good night.

Good Night!