Sunday, April 17, 2011

April is slipping away

I can't believe how fast time is going. I was speaking with an old classmate yesterday whose theory was that time accelerates as we age because it is such a smaller portion of our total time lived. For exampe, one year to a 10 year is 1/10th of their life and so it seems very long. At almost 50, one year is only 1/50th of the time I have spent on earth, and so it goes very quickly. My thought was that our brain and soul becomes so full of memories and experiences, and that somehow makes time go more quickly. Or perhaps there is just so much activity and things to do the older we get that time seems to speed up exponentially.

Yesterday there was volunteering for a band event (two hours), meeting about a class reunion (one hour), birthday lunch with Uncle Cal (age 86) (I think time may slow down again once we are that old) (two hours), working out (1.5 hours), nap (1.5 hours), grocery shopping (1 hour), dinner making and eating (1.5 hours), schoolwork (one hour), checkbook balancing and bill paying (.5 hour), walk (.5 hour). Did I mention Facebook? 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there, honestly, there is nothing interesting going on there.

So today there is the parent visit, Boy18 brass recital, working out, cleaning dirty house, more schoolwork (my class is almost done!), etc. etc. And back to school tomorrow.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Just Saying

It's a glorious day!!! Nothing better to do than be outside on a day like today.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Facebook Break

Facebook is just too unsettling and much of a time waster. There's nothing there, yet I stare at it like some monumentous information is going to suddenly appear. So that's that.

Double header today. A full week of baseball. 7 games in 6 days. I missed the only two games Boy16 started in. He did well in the field and at the plate, just too many guys in the infield to fit in the line up.

Yesterday Pat and I took a short trip to Springfield to see Boy/Man22. My maternal instincts suddenly kicked in and I needed to put eyes on him. Seems to be doing okay. We had what we thought were inaccurate mapquest directions. Couldn't find the place. Drove around for while and finally saw a gas station. Pat started asking a state policeman who was getting gas where to find Burton Drive. He couldn't explain it, then didn't think the number was right. Said he would check his computer, then just radioed "the city" and got the directions. Tried to explain how to get there with the one ways, then just said, "I'll take ya." First thought, Great! Second thought, should I bring the state police to this place?? Well, we flew around some corners and streets and there we were. Turn out, mapquest was right. Pat read .08 miles as .8 miles so we missed a street. We were only a block away originally. The rental is a cracker box of a place with a dude parked on the living room floor on an air mattress under some covers looking at a laptop (Shashi, a self proclaimed grad student) at two in the afternoon.

It seems my cousin Bill in Manhattan KS, has slipped into a coma is not expected to recover due to terminal cancer. We had no idea things were this bad until this week. In fact, we were hopeful the cancer was in remission. But it would be like Bill not to share bad news. His sister died by suicide two and a half years ago, so it is rough on the family. My aunt and uncle are not in very good health either.