Sunday, March 27, 2011

Almost the 28th of March

In my flannels and bathrobe before 8:00. March is going out like a lion, and I, for one, am getting damn sick of it. We had a nice birthday celebration for Mom tonight at what was supposed to be Shiloh's (fine dining) but turned about to be Chicks (casual dining). She says, "You're only 75 once" to which I replied, "You're only any age once." I am getting so cranky and irritable in my middle age. And if AARP sends me one more solicitation before I am 50, I am going to take serious legal action.

Pat is in the bathroom screaming and swearing at the toilet he's trying to fix. Boy18 gets bent on harping on certain household enigmas of which there are many in this home, and the toilet running downstairs is the latest of those that apparently finally got on Pat's nerves, too. Why he would start this at 8 p.m. on a Sunday, maybe BIL Chuck can answer. Boy18 has decided to invite his girlfriend over to run lines for the play in the middle of this project which adds yet another layer of complication to this state.

It is back to work tomorrow after a peaceful week of spring break. I did accomplish some of my to do list, including completing Module 2 (of 3) for my grad class, getting Boy16's baseball t-shirt quilt sewn together but not tied, daily exercise, and Bjarke's scrapbook all but ready to mail when Boy16 gives me his narrative account of the trip to include on the last page. Some of you may have see the pictures of the pages on Facebook. I managed to erase an entire disk of some 500 pictures and videos of Denmark without having saved them to my computer. Luckily this time Vibe has copies. Some may remember how devastated she was when Boy18 visited in 2008 and 400-500 of her pictures mysteriously disappeared when she went to have them printed. She was not fooled this time but the curse must have extended to me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Chatter

I asked Boy16 how the Viking Museum (Roskilde) and the cathedral where some royals are buried was and he replied:

They were pretty cool, I liked them because we didn't have a tour guide we could just walk around and look at stuff on our own. Today at school was very interesting, it's way different over here. Everyone in class has a laptop and you can be on facebook or playing games or listening to music during class. And they get out at 130 and have a recess and lunch which is nice. We talked to the 8 th graders and I got interviewed for the newspaper!I noticed in Russia the royals are "buried" in the cathedrals, too. I find that a little odd and don't remember the explanation for this. We went to the church in St. Petersburg where Czar Nicholas and his family is 'resting' all except Anastasia whose body was never found...sparking all the folklore that she survived.

They love their royals in Denmark, I do remember that. One of the princes is the golden boy, the other a cad, maybe even divorced.

So, no pictures out of Denmark yet. I wish! I hope he is taking some, lots of the people.

Well, it's off for my second time seeing Black Swan. I thought Pat would like it, so I'll force myself through it, nod nod wink wink.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I saw this ad on Freecycle, a service where people give and receive items with no monetary exchange. It's kind of sad when people put animals up on such a site. Often people will chime in and criticize the owners if there is any hint of abuse or neglect or even thoughtlessness:

I have a 1 1/2 year old lab/german shepherd mix that needs a good home. She is a good girl, but I don't have the time to give her. You may reply to this email or call 309-333-7289.

I am slowly working through my grad classs on Engaging Troubling Students. The word "troubling" bothered me at first because it sounds like we are troubled or bothered by the students. Judgemental, like they are getting in our way. In reality, I wouldn't have a job if not for these students troubling someone. I thought 'troubled students' was more accurate, but who am I say they are troubled? They may think they are perfectly fine. Somewhere along the way, my students have been labeled emotionally or behavior disordered. That means, they don't fit in well with the general students and teachers. Some are just quirky, weird, or odd. Others are volatile, defiant and bold. Many have learned this from having to protect themselves out in the world or in their own homes. The emotional disorders are more those with a mental health diagnosis that is front and center. Some are in the program because they are picked on or bullied. This class I am taking is an alternative to a strict behavioral approach (rules-rewards-punishment). Towards support, understanding and a participatory classroom structure.

And now from Denmark (Friday):

Dear Susan and co

Cal arrived after the scedule. Danish students with flags and the host families were all there. We took the train to NivÄ, and Cal got his room. After an hour did Bjarke and he go for a walk in the cold but sunny weather. They actually went to the beach. At 7 am we are going to dine- and Cal is taking a nap right now.
He is tired but full of smiles- and the two"cap-boys" talk non stop. I´m sure its gonna be fun.
I thought you would like to know.
Yours Vibe