Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two unrelated stories

I finally figured out why I like driving my big Buick so much. When I was 16-17 my family acquired an old (even at that time) Ford Galaxy which was a yucky color of green. For some reason, I loved driving that car. Today when I heard "After the Love Has Gone" by Earth, Wind and Fire, I remembered a moment at the old SuperAmerica gas station in that car with that song playing. Back then, all we had was radio, so when your favorite song came on, the world stopped. That car was a divine boat to drive, but had a habit of over heating. I did use that to my advantage from time to time when I wanted to play the damsel in distress. Well, the Buick LeSabre is the biggest car I've driven since then and I love the smooth ride.

When I visited St. Petersburg, Russia in 2001, it was very clear the impact of World War II was profound on the city and its people. The guides often spoke of the devastation, starvation,and near destruction of their city by the Neva by the Germans. They are proud to have prevailed to save their city.

"City of Thieves" by David Benioff is a character sketch set in St. Petersburg under seige during this time period. Lev, a naive and sexually inexperienced 17 year old Jew, and Kolya, a cocky, confident, ladies man of 22 who has been accused of deserting the army are an unlikely pairing who meet in jail. The story revolves around a desperate search for a dozen eggs but more aptly depicts the emotional maturation of a boy becoming a man with stunning and simple, humorous and brutal prose. I am near the middle of the book and already know it is one I wish would never end. I am parceling it out slowly so I can savor it fully.

Sunday, February 06, 2011


Better than the alternative, in the words of Dick Vick.

Sometimes life is better than I expected, like yesterday, when my house was filled with music, Boy17 and his friends jamming on guitar and trumpet. I always wanted a house filled with music.

Life is definitely better than my dreams, which have been tortured, miserable messes.

Feeling good after 2:15 workout and finishing that damned bicycle portion of the triathalon. Cup of coffee, life is good...yes, I am a triathelete. haha Loosened up the sore muscles of Thursday's killer yoga session. My friend Karen kicks it on the yoga mat. I thank her for inviting me to her class. We haven't been socializing since I dropped out of the church and goddess night fizzled out a few years ago. Nonetheless, she is one of my favorite people, genuinely a good soul. We met in yoga class, she reminded me. I remember seeing her and thinking I would like to be her friend and eventually it happened. Funny how that goes sometimes.

I called Boy22 this afternoon and guess what? He was on his way to Macomb. Got a ride here, and a truck meeting him tomorrow to haul his bed to Springfield. Seems the boy doesn't want to sleep on a couch the rest of his life. A weird next step. His hair is sheered (all three boys have fresh haircuts), and he seems more focused and happy than I've seen him a couple of years. He has secured two jobs, possibly three. I saw proof he enrolled in his final one credit of college, which I swear I didn't ask for. I'm letting go of control. The first job is at a Japanese steakhouse. The second is stocking displays in stores for greeting cards and Frito Lay. His friends all seem to have a little more money than he does, so maybe that will keep him motivated to work hard.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Super Bowl Menu

Turkey Rueben Sandwiches
Pork fried rice
Pre-made vegetable tray - too lazy even to unpackage my own veggies
Pigs in blanket
Flatbread and hummus
Tossed salad

I'm not even really planning to watch the game.

Me at work on Friday. No, I don't work in a prison, it's a school!! Need interior design helper.