Saturday, October 02, 2010


Bjarke("his suit is sick")and Cal


It's hard to believe it is October with already 7 weeks of school behind us. Our Danish friend, Bjarke, has arrived and is fitting in perfectly with our family. This is Homecoming Week and it has been crazy busy. It is the first time I really feel I have been involved with Homecoming. Eli and Cal have both attended the dance and festivities before but as parents of boys, we are pretty much on the fringe. My involvement was limited to snapping a photo on their way out the door while Pat is assigned to necktie duty. In contrast, this year I was asked by Cal to shop for clothes (aka pay for) Tuesday night 25 minutes prior to the store closing. I also assisted Cal to pick out his date's corsage, but he did pay for that. Eli seems to have mastered that one.

Thursday night we found out Eli was selected for Homecoming Court at Stunt Night. It was tortuous to sit through, what with all the noise, crowd, and microphone deficiencies. Not to mention the goofy skits about the teachers which I could only marginally understand. Pat and I accompanied Eli onto the football field at halftime last night at the game. That was a surreal moment (he did bathe and shave from the early morning Braveheart battle in the river).

This year, Cal is grouped with a boy whose mother likes to talk, and so I was invited to send food to the dinner at her house, and to take pictures of the kids at a nursing home before the dinner. Sounds weird, and it wasn't altrustic of the kids either. I bet you're thinking they were doing some sort of fashion show for the old folks. Turns out it is just a pretty place for pictures outside with gazebo and fake picket bridge. Too bad is was 58 degrees and girls were barely clad. I snapped a few photos before receiving a panicked call from Eli to bring the car home, so he pick up his date. The other moms were on the 300th picture of the girls and there was no end in sight, so I left.

We were also invited to attend the coronation (?) at the dance this evening to take pictures, but it was really cold in the house and I took a hot shower, put on warm pajamas, and convinced myself that if I didn't belong at Homecoming when I was in high school, I certainly don't belong there now. Besides, a professional will take a perfectly fine picture and put it in the newspaper! That is the perfect amount of involvement for me.

A note on Bjarke (or "Barky" as Pat calls him): Bjarke is the brother of Toke who stayed with us for 11 days in 2007 and became good friends with Eli. He is sweet as his brother, charming and funny. He is taking in this experience with the abandon of a child at Christmas and it is so fun to be part of.

The boys with Cal and Bjarke

Dates: Cal's is on the left. I'm not sure if he is tall enough for her.