Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to School

It's that time again when I struggle to control my emotions. I actually liked school and was fairly good at it, but there's something scary in the start of each new year. I am challenged with a new job and have been at it a week. I wanted to work in the schools and my dream came true. So why is it so difficult? Fear of the unknown is mostly what I have come up with.

Boy(man?)/22 is getting his meager belongings together to go back to school today. He has a furnished apartment and there is not much needed. He survives on next to nothing anyway. It's hard to know how one goes seemingly without food, shampoo, laundry soap, etc. I mean, he has access to these things, but comes back at the end of the year with them still in his car.

The high school boys start back Wednesday but have their first soccer games Monday and Tuesday. Marching band is in full rehearsal as well. Getting their physicals and registration fees and lunch accounts set up, I discovered I neglected the car registration on the boys' shared car. So much to keep track of. My head is spinning and my stomach churning. I'll let ya know when things calm down a bit but for now, I better get busy living.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Details, details, the devil is in the details

These last few days before school/work starts are busy wtih appointments, errands, etc. Today I switched out cars with my parents. With the new commute, I felt a need to be comfortable so I will be driving a largish sedan rather than the rattle trap Corolla. More gas expense, but I hope it will save me some energy and be safer. I know, that sounds really stupid. So that involved transfering the junk in my trunk, license plates, title, registration, and notifying the insurance company. Insuring 3 young men is not a cheap proposition either.

I don't know how people live on one salary these days. The utilities and insurance are as much as a house payment. Supporting kids through college is another one. And there are now so many extraneous 'necessities' like cable and internet.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

100 Degrees of Inferno

It was hotter than a marshmallow in a campfire today. Dejavu??

We departed on time with lunch packed and 9 aboard for Holiday World and Splashin' Safari, a huge theme park in the Hoosier National Forest. Sounds cool and comfortable doesn't it? Not so. It was death defyingly hot. Without the unlimited free drinks and sunscreen there would have been multiple heat strokes throughout the day (and that was just from me). The water park was not any relief at all as the water was all turned to jacuzzi temp and the lines for the slides 35-60 minutes long. The pavement was like walking over burning embers, there was no shade but we persevered. After about 3.5 hours we decided to try the amusement rides where maybe there would be some shade and shorter lines. The shade idea didn't really work out since it was still 110 degrees in the shade. We did ride the Voyage and it was the bad assest ride ever. The kids wanted to do it twice.

We be Trippin'

Highlight of my day: riding to dinner on the back of my BIL's motorcycle. The experience was a little cumbersome with two very heavy large helmets (required in Indiana but not in Kentucky). My head kept bumping against Chuck's when we would start and stop, and it was an extremely hot day, and it was a little difficult to hold my head on one side or the other of Chuck's so as to see where we were going. Other than getting used to that, and believe me, I wouldn't be out of the Interstate without a helmet these days, it was great fun. He rode me down around the Ohio River park development that has occurred over the last several years and I hadn't really explored that area yet.

So many things to do in Louisville. They have the new U of L arena erected, and it is a mighty fine structure. Some say it looks like an airstream trailer, but I'm not so sure. It is unique architecture anyway. The kids and some grown ups went to the Louisville Slugger museum in the morning and found something to new enjoy about it. They went maybe about 7 years ago. In the afternoon we went to Marengo Cave in southern Indiana. I was distracted by the tour guide's accent. She called the Ceiling, the Silling. Good formation and at 52 degrees was a great place to be in the afternoon.
Dinner was at Lynn's Paradise Cafe, an eclectic cornucopia of crap for decor. Interesting. I like playing with the little plastic animals in buckets on the table and the Find It. Food was somewhere in the B range.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

We in the South: Diagnosis Hyperhidrosis

We are as far south as you can get in Indiana, but it feels souther. A 1.2 mile walk to the Falls of the Ohio State Park didn't sound bad yesterday, and I thought those carrying water bottles were wimps. So wrong. By the time we wandered around the fossil beds and walked back to sis's house, we were all drenched including me, who is usually a pretty light sweater. Sitting in a/c all day then was a little uncomfortable with wet clothes on. Our afternoon activity was the water park across the road, Atlantis, which Pat carried out with the five kids. I stayed to help Betsy shop and cook the famous "Hot Brown Sandwiches" I had requested (a Louisville classic). We had 14 open face toasted smothered pockets for 13 people so we were a little stingy with the kids. Turned out they loved them and were turned down in their requests for more. After the adults ate, we actually had 1 1/2 left over. Bummer. Never get the food thing right. Game night had to be divided between two rooms and two games but fun nonetheless.

Pat and I found a cute little coffee shop called "Perk-fection" and breakfasted there yesterday. He decided to cut out early and left this morning, not interested in the Louisville Slugger Museum followed by Marengo Cave this afternoon. Mom, Dad and I stayed back to study (me) and grill hot dogs for lunch between outings.