Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I think I am coming down with MS or something. Tonight at a basketball game, I knocked over my pop,causing it erupt 10 oz. of Diet Coke all over the floor. Luckily, I am a Diet Pepsi person, but you know how you have to take what you can get in public concession stands. I went to get some napkins to sop it up and carefully placed them over the puddle since there weren't quite enough, even though I took most of the stack they had. Then my phone rang and I needed to meet my friend Helen in the lobby. Somehow my phone fell out of my purse, breaking apart on the floor. At this point I have the feeling all the people in the stands above me are watching. As I take my coat (so I can move to the other side of gym) it catches on a seat, yanking me backwards. I wave to another mom I know and she looks right at me and doesn't return the wave. Hopefully she doesn't recognize me with my new, dark hair, because here's the confession: I left the wet mess of napkins right there on the floor and never came back.

I made Helen go to the other side of gym where we sat behind a high school boy whose girlfriend is a cheerleader, and felt weirdly like I was intuding on a private romance as they made googly eyes at each other across the room. But I didn't drop anything else.

I got a new end table today for my dollhouse to sit on. Tomorrow I am going to do something with the kitchen. I got the furnishings for the dollhouse kitchen for Christmas from my sister. This table is really cool and I'm really thrilled about it. It seems like real wood! Painted yellow. I will take some pictures tomorrow. I invited Helen's daughter over who is soon to be 7 years old. I hope I am able to entertain her for a few hours. That will be my New Year's celebration. Oh, the serial killer in the book I am reading makes dollhouses. How creepy is that?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Cheer

Christmas Eve at my mom's house.

Christmas Day at my house.

Tonight was man's night out and my plan for having the house to myself was to do 30 minutes of 'work' followed by 30 minutes of reading (pleasure). Work was defined as cleaning something, organizing something, throwing stuff away or finding a new place for it, ordering photo prints, and believe it or not, writing in blog. I am reading "The Lovely Bones" which is a disturbing but compelling novel that will soon be made into a movie I'm told. Well, it's hard to put down, so my schedule for the evening is not holding up too well. I'm not sure where "talking on the phone" falls in, but I did that, too.

Today I helped my mom out by taking my great uncle to the doctor. At one point, I thought I would have to leave the room when things got personal, but then it was okay. The stubborn old man is 84, with Parkinson's and is depressed but won't take Zoloft. I have been trying to help with figuring out his Medicare and prescription drug coverage to see if we can get his bills down, but the darn government is not covering everything as most seniors would like. He has too much money to be poor and not enough to be rich. Sure hope he hasn't learned to use the internet or that my dad doesn't print this in the family news.

Now my mom is seeing a surgeon about her gall bladder. As I told my sister I guess my new job is accompanying my elders to doctor appointments. That is what I'm here for, I reckon.

Oh yeah, and the big news, we went to Chicago yesterday to see a Cirque du Soleil show; it was a good time. We travelled snow packed roads to get there (on time) and only got lost once on the way home. "Banana Shpeel," as the show was called, was an old fashioned hoot. It was a vaudeville act with circus and dancing performances interspersed, and a few weird characters "from the audience" that were hysterical.

New hair color and cut:

Oh, and thank you to Madz for the very cool homemade Christmas card! You are the best. I have all your cards in a little pile for making them into a scrapbook page one day.