Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Saturday morning we worked out at the New Y in New Albany. Unbelievable facility: climbing wall, splash pool, steam rooms, saunas, interactive/active kids game room. Their weight machines put our Y's to shame. Our Y needs some serious updating.

That afternoon we went to the Bodies Human exhibit at a new arts center that is housed in an old meat packing plant. The exhibit is human bodies preserved with a plastination process so you can see tendons, veins and muscles, not just the average skeleton. I guess it has been all over the country. I was bored after one or two bodies, most were male, anatomically correct as odd as it looked. I had to ask my brother in law why the balls were hanging above the penis'. TMI
Newphew10 and I are below with decor at the Mellwood Aart Center, Louisville.

That evening Betsy and I went to a Casino. It was a bust, but reconfirmed that I hate casinos, especially in Indiana where they allow smoking, everywhere. Well, they claimed to have a smoke-free room, but it was bordered by smoking on both sides with no barriers or ventilation system. I am so proud of Illinois for passing a tough smoke-free law. We could barely figure out how to work the slots and they were $1 a pull. Waste, waste, waste.

Weekend Getaway

I spent last weekend with my favorite sister, Betsy, in Southern Indiana/Louisville, KY. Friday night we went out to dinner at Proof, a newer, haute cuisine place downtown. It housed a very interesting museum and hotel and featured unique public restrooms with one way mirrors and water walls. I have no idea what the food was we ate, and I'm sorry to say it wasn't that amazing. I think they used rice for risotto. I had to borrow a dress from Betsy and the cleavage wasn't so good...

The whole weekend was built around a Joel McHale show at the Palace Theater. The Palace is the most ridiculously fabulous restored movie house ever, and there are some really cool ones out there, I know. Here's a taste, but I didn't even try to photograph the auditorium. I was afraid I wouldn't do justice.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Girl

This is the girl I never had, though I've heard she can be quite a diva. According to her mom. I have one thing she wants, a dollhouse. She loves to play with it.