Thursday, May 28, 2009

I call it Home

Here is where I've spent most of my life now. Years 3-18, and 33-46. I can't count the number of times I moved in between 19 and 33. Way too many. Most of my readers have helped me on these moves. Thank you! I have nightmares about moving. I literally don't know how you get everything packed, loaded and out the door. My nightmare is always finding more, more, more. Ginnie, I don't envy you, but I bet you have turned it into something positive. I know you have.

Facebook is so lame. It's not about writing at all, in fact, it's the antithesis of writing. Abbreviating, tweeting, and pictures. I do like to look at O.P.'s (other peoples) pictures and make what I think are funny comments. They seem to think they are snide. Have you ever noticed the ads that come up on FB on the righthand side. They seem to think I would be looking for an apartment where I went to college (25 years ago). I'm not, but I am curious to see how the campus neighborhood has changed. The housing that was available in Des Moines in 1981-5 was pretty roach and rodent infested. I suppose these new places could have roaches, too. But they don't look like it. I wonder if the Blind Munchies sandwich shop is still there, or some vestige of?

Poor Lebron. Stan Van the Man is a real character isn't he?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baseball Boy Freshman

Boy14 on the freshman baseball team. Are you having dejavu? The last game he got a walk off single. Caught a pop fly at deep second base and threw a guy out at home. First double of year as well. Nice.

Last Day

This is a memorable picture. Elizabeth, Lindsey, Angie and me. Remember I have 20 years on these girls. Our last day of classes in Champaign-Urbana was May 6th. We have a routine. On the way home (2.5 hour drive) we stop at Casey's and get four empty coffee cups and a bag of Chex Mix. Lindsey's idea- that's how she feeds her 4 year old daughter in the car. This helps us through the last hour and a half. One day I missed class and the girls decided to stop at a different place. This resulted in E. getting a speeding ticket in the famous town of San Jose, IL where the Casey's is.

Anyway, we were pretty exhausted on Week 15 of 17 hour Wednesdays. But we are done now with classes, yeah.

Prom Boy Sophomore

Oh man. The upload on blogger is really slow!

I better not say too much on this post, even if Boy16 doesn't read my blog. He was invited to prom by a junior girl in the band. He reportedly had a good time including the after prom (see below) at the Rec Center. Wiped out the next day of course. I didn't get to see his date or if he matched her dress. Apparently that's how it's done these days. Matching the vest/tie to the girl's dress. Well, much better than the light blue tuxes with ruffled shirts of my day, not that I went to a prom, I did see pictures.

That's him in the yellow Beavis and Butthead shirt.

Oh, he got a big surprise in the mail yesterday. A couple of weeks ago he played a trumpet solo at a church along with a Bell Choir. It was a lovely piece of music. He did a great job. He loved doing it. Yesterday he got a thank you card in the mail with a check for $35. His first honorarium. He says, "I'm a professional!"

Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18

Hi bloggy. I missed you! I have been a traitor. I joined Facebook nation and got caught up in it for a minute.

Oh boy. The Bachelorette started sooner than I thought. Did I just admit my biggest weakness? Watching the drivel. Not only that, I watched Dancing with the Stars. Somehow that was my break from school/work. No excuse for the Bachelorette.

So, finals are over. My last finals. My internship starts around August 12, one full school year. I'll be leaving my job after nearly 13 years on July 17. A new chapter for sure.