Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Boy15 had the baseball season goals of starting JV (has started most games) and making 5 or less errors (has one so far). My goal for today was finishing up my team project and sending it out to my team members. Our deadline is Friday and one person shared hers over a week ago. Now my next goal is to complete two of the ten 'reflections' for my portfolio by Friday and this weekend work on the No Child Left Behind debate that will take place April 15.

Grateful for some really good popcorn at the game tonight (and not too cold), no one getting hurt tonight, heating pads, naps, and flat irons.

Monday, April 06, 2009


This post is mostly for Betsy: Zumba has finally come to our YMCA and thank goodness I had the good sense NOT to sign up. I have observed it while walking on the track above. It's hard not to stare. I found out I'm not the only uncoodinated awkward dancer in town! They shut down the entire gym, but only use half the gym. There's a big divider curtain so I don't understand why you can't shoot baskets on the other side, not that I would be shooting baskets mind you.

Anyway, I thought Zumba was a free form of dancing, which I couldn't manage either, but the Zumba here is supposedly a Latin based dance. It looks pretty darned complicated, there is no way I could keep up with the moves those chicks are doing.

UNC is killing Michigan State. Going to see "Milk" Thursday. I finally got over thinking 'milk??' what kind of movie is about milk? Is that like that stupid book "Salt"?

P.S. A gym full of sweaty women smells a lot better than a gym full of sweaty guys.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


I am elated to hear from my friends Madz and Ginnie!! Thanks for your comments. It made my day.

I am happy, too, to have had the foresight to take a week off from work. I'm practically exhausted from working and school and several things at work have conspired to make everyone pretty crabby!

My son asked me today what Palm Sunday was about and I had no idea. That's a little embarrassing. I was encouraged to attend church in my youth (which was located in my backyard) and all I remember of Palm Sunday was going out to the church dumpster the day after and finding all these cool leaves that we dragged out and played with.