Friday, November 28, 2008


Had a great-ful Thanksgiving. Started the day with a walk on the back nine at a local golf course. It was pretty hilly and strenuous. The old man went back with clubs later on in the day so we are having pretty good weather.

Then I did some strenuous eating. We had a nice meal with sister, BIL, nephew, parents, great uncle, and two Chinese friends at my house. We visited and watched Home Alone and it put most of us to sleep.

I have been trying to work on a paper when I have a few moments. Did not participate in the Black Friday chaos. Well, I did buy a couple of things to mail out of state.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Funny Story to be Told Later

Okay, so I'm in Denmark last March and I keep seeing signs on the highways for "Fart Control." I ask Thomas and Anette (shown above lounging on a bench in "Our Town, USA" last month) who are hosting Joanne and me for the day, 'What's with these fart control signs all over.' They chuckle and tell us that 'fart' is the Danish word for 'speed'. Okay, those are speed control checkpoints on the freeways, ah, makes sense, even if it looks quite funny to us.

So, Thomas proceeds to tell us how he is a marathon runner and helps out with his club organizing the Copenhagen Marathon. He is assigned to be a sort of pace setter, every so many miles a guy or girl runs with the group and at a certain speed so they can keep their pace going (I don't entirely understand this since I wouldn't be caught dead anywhere near a marathon). This person wears a brightly colored tank labeled "Fart Holder" so that the runners know who is holding the pace for them, and the English speaking people are just cracking up! So, I tell Thomas that's pretty cool, it would be a riot to have one of those to wear around in the U. S.

Fast forward to October 2008. Thomas and Anette are chaperoning their Danish students in "Our Town" and I invite them to dinner to thank them for the hospitality they showed me in DK. As we are finishing up dinner, I ask Thomas to tell my husband the story about the 'fart' I can't remember the exact details but I remember it's funny. Thomas says, "Funny you should ask" and goes into the hallway and brings back a bag with the above pictured yellow tank top for me. He actually wore it in one of the Copenhagen marathons and has brought it for me as a gift. I guess he was waiting patiently for me to bring it up, as I did see him a few times over the two weeks they were here.

So, that it is the story behind the picture. I wore it over to Joanne's house for a farewell dinner for the Danes and I thought her husband was going to steal it off my back. It was such a hilarious image for him. I haven't had the nerve to wear just out and about for all to see, but maybe when the weather gets warmer and I start training for that marathon...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random Photo

Since I have nothing bloggable to blog about I am going to my picture file and post whatever my cursor lands on, after twirling it around for awhile. I will tell you what I can about the picture and hope it is interesting, or at least not embarrassing. So here goes:

This is Boy14 at the dining room table looking pathetic. I'm not sure why. He may have been 13. He sits with a paper, pencil and calculator nearby. He must be trying to write a story, having finished his math recently. He wears a Yankees t-shirt which he loved for a good long time. He has a toothpick hanging from his mouth. One habit I don't really like, but don't bother to complain about either. There's much worse. Jugs of Culligan water are behind him on chairs, as they usually are. A Farm King advertisement is lying on the table. That is a local department store, that for some reason the Danish folks love. They like to buy cowboy boots and leather jackets there. We don't do much with decorating around here. I was noticing that tonight as I watched "How Much Can I Get For My House" or some such show. Yeah, our house definitely doesn't belong on TV.

Well, since I have been battling a cold for a couple of days, have gotten next to nothing done, and am going nowhere fast with this post, I think I will retire for the evening. I have two large papers due Dec. 8 & 10 that are barely begun. That should be my activity for tomorrow. I don't plan to do much Thanksgiving weekend, except be thankful I have a lot to be thankful for.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mon, Denmark: From Whence I Came

This is the Mon Klint, on the island of Mon (the o should have a slash through it but we don't have that key on our keyboards, and sounds like a soft 'moon'). This is kind of a popular vacation destination in Denmark in summertime, and a lot of boats pass by to view the cliff. My great grandfather grew up close to here, and so it is special to me that my host, Ann, brought me here last March. If you recall, Ann and her family live on a large sailboat full time and I'm sure they have since sold my little sailboat. At the top of the cliff there is a park, and about a thousand (million?) steps down to beach. We actually didn't make it to the bottom. I nearly died climbing back up so it's a good thing we shortened the trek.

The next group of Danish students have already come and left our town. This year 24 of our students and four chaperones are going over to DK in March. I have to say, I'm very relieved not to be accompanying that group. We had 14 students and that was plenty to keep track of! Soon there will be a Danish dinner in our town and silent auction to raise money for their trip over.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Madz, you're the best

I got this in the mail the other day and boy is it cute! Now I have to think of something fantastic to send Madz. Thank you, girl.

Has everyone else been inundated with those Japanese beetles (lady bugs) this fall? It seems to be worse again. My friend who works for DNR says the U.S. government released these to help the crops using a natural solution. Most people just think they are a pain in the a--. Are they helping the crops anyway??

Otherwise, we are having a beautiful fall in Illinois. Still time to get out and enjoy the colors and warm weather.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

My Political Two Cents

I was supposed to post the video of the Saturday Night Live parody of the McCain rally lady, but I couldn't find it. Oh well, everyone saw that, right?