Monday, October 27, 2008

Springfield Dejavu

I was looking for a different clip from Mr. Crosby and Nash but ended up with this one. I shared a concert with my two older boys last night in Springfield IL on the campus where Boy20 attends. About a 2000 seat beautiful auditorium. Boy15 and I got home about midnight, he helped me drive which was great. I noticed a couple of bouncers near the stage and Boy15 commented, "Do they think they are going to storm the stage, they're a bunch of old people?"

Always the social commentators, I do love this song, and they did play it last night with the full band they assembled. Very good musicians. And this clip shows them as they look now, older and very gray. Nash performed barefoot on a couple of oriental rugs. The two guys sounded good, but I did miss that third voice harmonizing.

I told the boys how my dad decided in the late 60's he would try to like rock music. He asked friends for some recommendations and he bought CSN&Y Dejavu and some Black Sabbath album. He pretty much hated them both, but they ended up in my brother's and my hands a few years later. That was my intro to this music. Interesting tidbit: Crosby claimed 17% of girls who lost their virginity between 1968 and 1972, did so to "Our House."

Saturday, October 25, 2008


My mom and I went on a little trip this last week to Missouri. My idea was to visit the last home of Laura Ingalls Wilder,one of my favorite childhood authors. On the way to Mansfield, MO we stopped in Columbia where I was born. We saw the hospital but Mom didn't remember it too well, and said it was a much larger complex than in 1963 and 1965 when my sister was born there. Then we went onto the campus of University of Missouri where we lived on campus. Those temporary housing units are gone now, and the VA hospital placed on there.

Here is Laura and Almanzo's home at Rocky Ridge. We were here sometime in the 1970's but nothing was at all familiar,except the Red Chief tablets Laura hand wrote her books on. Those are in a case in the museum area. Now there is a bookstore, too.

Next we have Mom exiting the farmhouse with our tour guide in the background. They had 4-5 employees working on this October day, which is kind of surprising for a small operation in the off-season.

Finally, the big surprise. Laura's daughter Rose built a house for her parents in 1928 aptly named "The Rock House" that they lived in for 8 years down the road from the farmhouse. The LIW association acquired the house in 1990 and had it restored and ready for tours in 1997. It really was beautiful and had all the modern conveniences, however as soon as Rose left the area in 1936, they moved back to their beloved farmhouse that Almanzo had built. Poor Rose.

There's something about this pioneer girl/woman that still fascinates me...
After my big vacation (a week off) I'm more tired than if I worked all week. Does anyone else feel like this?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Here Comes the Bride

And the other Bride:

This was the most traditional of the weddings this fall, since my sister in law. It was a wonderful ceremony peformed by Becky's boss, actually, and assisted by their minister. I was weeping uncontrollably. And no kleenex, of course. I think what got me was Jen's parents being "not present" but her brother was standing up with her, and it must have meant the world to her. Becky's parents are deceased, but her sister stood up with her and sang a song for them in leiu of the traditional toast monologue later in the evening.

I was trying out my new flip video and if a miracle happens I will post a clip of the "first dance." It was hysterical. It started with a slow dance to "Lady" and suddenly the music cracked and one those hip hop humping songs came on (my child tells me it's called "Soldier Boy" and it's like two years ago). Jen and Becky looked really pissed, and then broke into a coordinated dance with sunglasses. Back to Lady, another switch, dirty look and dance team effect.

And no, I did not wear "the dress" again. I picked a out a nice 12 year job with huge shoulderpads I didn't have time to cut out of the sleeves.

Wedding Number Three

That is wedding number three this fall for me, not Terri's wedding number three. Only #2 for her and for Jeff. They are pictured below. And yes, that is the same dress, again. I do get a lot of mileage out of a purchase, well actually a gift from my mom. She likes to shop, I don't. Better tell her I need another dress. I did not get any ceremony shots, because of course I was the best woman in it. The reception was very informal at lake with smoked meats and salads, German Chocolate cake, among others. I'm pretty much a cake connessuir now, and this was good. Okay, I don't know how to spell, but neither does spell check.

Okay, I had to add the picture below of a table decoration at Terri's bachelorette. It was a wild time!