Saturday, September 06, 2008

Wedding & Balloon Fest

This is the bride in wedding #2 and my bosses wife in the background. It was a church wedding, seven years after the couple was married in a less traditional ceremony. It was really nice and it meant a lot to her. I'm sorry I didn't get any photos of the bride and groom together.

Not 10 minutes ago I heard a familiar whooshing sound outside and took this picture from my porch. It's the annual balloon rally in our small town. I'm not sure all the technicalities but I think there are some contests and prizes for the balloonists, like landing closest to a target. The thing it is known for around here is called the Balloon Glow and all the balloons park in a large field and inflate their balloons after dark making different patterns. There is live music and concessions and a festive atmosphere. It so happens the university football team is playing across the parking lot, so it makes for a big traffic jam afterwards, as much as we can experience around here.

Fall Weather

The soccer season started and the boys are both playing on the JV team. They missed the opener last weekend when we were in OH but Tuesday evening was the first home game. Our team won both matches (varsity and JV). They are having a good time and getting exercise so I can't complain.

This week has felt like fall. I'm trying to come to grips with summer being over and enjoying the fall. It rained Wednesday and Thursday (Gussie made it up here) followed by a perfect cool down. I can count among my blessings, not having to use heat or a/c. Pat is plowing up the lawn again striving for the greens of Augusta, haha. I can hear the groans of frustration. I am going to a small wedding today for a co-worker. She's been married 7 years already, but this one is in the Catholic Church.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Icing on the Cake

We were having a backyard BBQ the day after the wedding in Dublin (Ohio) and realized that Obama was speaking at the Dublin Coffman High School about three miles away at 6:45 p.m. Niece E who is a sophomore at UC Santa Barbara (political science major) was the initiator. Her little sis, Niece C was game, Nephew S (17) and Niece M. This in a sea of conservative Republicans. I was happy to be the chauffeur as I've been dying to see Obama and feel part of the movement. But first, I had to take Pat and the boys back to the hotel and it was already 5:00. I had to drive twenty minutes each way to the hotel, and just got back to Dublin to pick up the gang and we knew parking/walking would be a factor.

As we got near the site, cars were pulled off over the curb and onto the grass in every available spot. We finally found a parking lot which of course had no legal slots, so we pulled off on the edge and started walking. By now it was past 6:00. We followed the crowds and the traffic barriers about 1.5 miles before seeing the school. We could hear speakers already by 6:30 and naturally the stands were full. Very nice high school stadium. It looked like they were still admitting people to stand on the field, so we walked around the football field and waited in line for security. The loud speakers were working fine so we heard the Ohio governor, John Glenn, and Joe Biden. At this point we were on the field trying to get closer to the stage. We were probably only about 20 people back from the stage, but due to being fairly short couldn't get a view. If I bobbed and weaved and stood on tip toe I could get a glimpse of Biden and Obama. The pictures are from Neice12 on top of Nephew17's shoulders! The speeches were pretty short and sweet and it was fun to take the next generation to see history. I do believe Obama will win the election and I think he is just what this country needs.

As it turned out, our timing was perfect. We could have gone 5 hours earlier and not done any better. We got out easy peasy because we parked far enough away. The crowd was orderly and jovial.

Wedding Day

Pretty Cake with Raspberry Filling:

Darby House was the site of Jeef and Jim's wedding at 6:30 p.m. Friday. Really nice wooded setting out in rural Columbus. There were a few one-liners cracked at the ceremony making it truly a Denecke affair. Lots of pictures were taken of Nel-viro and her 10 kids, Jeef being the youngest. She declared after lighting the unity candle, “She's all yours, Jim.”

Dinner was delicious and dancing was frenetic. I must say the younger generation knows how to cut a rug.

Nell and her ten children.

All the Grand Daughters!!

Travel Day

We left for Ohio after work and school Thursday. For me, who took the day off, it was after my pedicure/wax. We got outside of Indy and stopped at a Super 8, upon recommendation of my parents (I found a coupon while Pat was in there checking in, he would not tolerate me bringing that in). Well, this one was pretty bad. The bedsheet had a huge cigarette burn on it if that gives you any idea. The worst shower I've ever seen: set about four feet up the wall, a trickle of water, your choice of scalding or ice water. The Free Continental Breakfast consisted of Fruit Loops or Corn flakes and toast. Whole milk in the refrigerator next to some old hot dogs and a Banquet dinner the night staff had stored in there.