Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Cubs are red hot!

No more beat up Pontiac in the parking lot, dirty little rolled up socks and beverage containers strewn all over the house, no one just rolling out of bed at 3:00 when I get home from work. Do I miss him? Sure.

I missed the opening ceremonies of the Olympics as well as the Closing ceremonies. Oh well. I saw Usain Bolt run the 200m and Michael Phelps win the butterfly. That was pretty good. Our kids will always remember this Olympics because of Michael Phelps like we remember Mark Spitz in '72. It made a big impression even on a 9 year old. By the way, they still have that ribbon twirling event...called rhythmic gymnastics, go figure.

It has been a super busy week. In fact, I should ride to the bank right now (I love my bike).

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Boy20 went away to school after two years at community college and living at home. It was time, but bittersweet just the same. It was nice that he asked to have a last supper at Grandma's house and she cooked up everyone's favorite, corned beef. Lots of veggies, which was good for me as I am trying to eat healthy again, and ice cream for dessert. That was Friday night.

This morning we left around 9 to make the 1.5 hour drive. Just so happens Barack Obama was going to the same place. I sort of half expected to run into some traffic or something, even though we were on the edge of town and he was downtown. There wasn't any sign of congestion, lucky for us since we were barely making our check-in time. Needn't have worried. There was one girl checking in (and rudely blocking the one parking space in front of the housing office). We were off to the apartment area (on campus housing)and plenty of parking there. Mike, the RA led us to the four plex. Only the rude girl was there to check in. It was weird! There was nobody around. Mike "thought" maybe two of the guys in the apartment had checked in but was vague on that. Seems like he didn't have much to do and could at least keep track of the handful of students he was responsible for. I was starting to feel like the real bitchy parent who isn't getting the treatment to which they are entitled.

The place is really nice. See below. Rob, one of the guys left a note on the fridge for Boy20 to help himself to a beer or a Coke. There is lots of beer in there. Note: Boy is 20. I notice a rather fancy martini shaker on top the refrigerator. Oh boy, serenity now...

I'll try to skip the minutiea, and the things that didn't go right and suffice it to say we found the main dining area and we all had an Asian chicken with two sides for $4.25. Pretty reasonable, if overcooked. The one guy who was helpful was the food service manager who went out of his way to explain things and show us where to go and what to do.

I wasn't able to finish helping the boy fix up his room and put stuff away when both he and Pat wanted me out of there. When we come back, everything will be as is, the furniture still messed up, the phone on the chair unplugged, but with a deep layer of dirty clothes, Gatorade bottles and change on the floor and the accompanying stench...I'm sorry, I wasn't supposed to get negative. Maybe his roommates will provide a positive peer influence on his personal habits. I insisted on tacking up his posters and making the bed and then it was time to say good-bye. I consoled myself with a Grande Caramel Light Frappucino from Starbucks and it helped, somewhat.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Per Request

These are pages (the second one was done tonight)I made of the former family Talent Show we had back in July. My parents asked that it not be a competitive point scoring winner-take-all situation. So it was renamed Family Program and while there was a separate score sheet, the results mysteriously ended up in a four way tie amongst the kids. Believe me, they suspected foul play there.

I was inspired by Madz' cool pages, but this is not even close. I bought the paper today at the Dollar Tree (six sheets for $1). Remember you can click on it to enlarge.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A n t i c i p a t i o n

I am trying to enjoy the anticipation of sleeping in a new bed tonight. We freshened up the room with paint and cleaning supplies (it's been a long time, dustbunny). The matress is one of those memory foam types. We tried the pillow top and it got worn out in about 10 years. "They" say you should sleep on a good bed...

I love Michael Phelps. He's just phenomenal. Where is his dad? I love Shawn Johnson. She's an Iowa girl and that's close to my heart. I spent my college years in Des Moines. Love that small city. When did trampoline become an Olympic event? Do the women beach volleyballers in the white tighties get Depo shots or what??

Helen stopped by with her adorable kids today. Hence, I broke out the camera I'd nearly forgotten about. Helen and I were discussing my highlights and lowlights and Madyson asked, "Is your hair pink?" Well, yeah, pink or maroon depending on the lighting.

Looking forward to scrapbooking Friday night (I have lots of packets made up to crop into something) and the first of the weddings next week. Tomorrow I am going to start a broomstick afghan (a client is going to show me how) with off white wool that my grandmother had before she died around 1969. It's in remarkably good shape, my mother takes great care with such things. Finally, class starts next Monday (I seriously didn't think it was that soon) so the blogging may hit the skids again.

Note to Betsy: I think I've found the key to a good picture. Have it taken from ABOVE.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

For the benefit of ??

Since I can't figure out where the first and second picture divide, enjoy these photos taken July 4th at the lovely and delicious Pier restaurant, to once again celebrate my parents 50th. First is the Golden couple, looking quite stunning, I think. There was a little fuss over the wine selection, but they have since forgotten about that (but are now reminded once again). We are left with only the good memories.

All the kids minus Boy20 and Neice18 outside the restaurant.

A Very Nice picture of Betsy and Chris. Good color coordination, too. Triple by-pass does one good, Chris!

Please ignore the "Susan Lucci" neck. Megan and me on the pier.

Wind Speak

Okay, Boy15 and his band heard about an open mike night at a local coffee shop. He took it upon himself to call the cafe and find out the details. The owner said, "It's mostly older people, but sure you can come and play." So Wind Speak and 10 groupies showed up on Friday night with their electric guitars, etc.

The Blue Hair crowd was indeed there, Pat and I being the only slightly younger customers. An older gent was entertaining the crowd with "Blowin' in the Wind", "Time in a Bottle", that sort of thing while Boy15's group patiently waited in a room off the main dining area entertaining themselves. The singer obviously had the show to himself in the past, as he gave no signs of letting up after 45 minutes. Finally the owner approached and he made way for "Wind Speak", the current band name. The gent with the guitar was very helpful in hooking the boys up to the amps, moving microphones, sound check, etc.

They opened with "Don't Fear the Reaper"- way to make the old folks feel better and get their attention! Polite clapping when finished. Next Boy15 sang an original mumbo jumble of words, I think it was about "trees." At that point my mother walked in to pick me up for a theater performance and got mad at me for not telling her her grandson was PERFORMING. Well, I didn't think this really counted for anything, but since I told her to pick me up there, I should have expected as much. We had to leave before the band finished so as to be in our seats 30 minutes before curtain.

I heard later they finished with "Wish You Were Here" , "Jungle Fever" (original) and "Stairway" and the crowd was most appreciative. All in all, a good experience. The band has not been able to get enough practices in to go at it again, but if they do, I will be sure to tell let you all know!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wednesday's Wondering

I wish I was poetic. I wish I was prophetic. I wish I was a good philosopher, philanthropist or

I suppose I have some other talents like awkwardly peddling down the street with a metal lock banging against my shin. I got that cut off my bike yesterday after convincing the locksmith I didn't steal the bike; my friend whom I bought it from simply couldn't find the key. After all, if I stole it, it would have been most likely hooked to something necessitating me cutting it off myself. Why do I feel compelled to defend myself even when I'm not accused of anything? That is something I would really like to change- thinking everyone thinks I am guilty of some far-fetched delusion I created in my own head.

At this yard sale I have coming up I am going to sell my old but so lovable Olympus film camera. I never, ever thought I would give up film for digital. As much as I hate computers the day has finally come that I don't see ever using that camera again. I still have the box, owner's manual, etc. I have some 'antique' Shiny-Brite Christmas ornaments I bought as an investment (impulse) several years ago. I am hoping to break even at $5 a box. No one will pay that at a yard sale, huh?

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Cubbies. Tonight some hottie Neal Cotts almost blew the game. Cubs were up 2 to 5 and Cotts allowed a homerun on a full count to tie it in the 8th. Fortunately, some other hottie Reed Johnson hit a 2 run dinger followed by a Soriano homer and won it for the home team.

At dinner with my parents I could barely eat, I had so stuffed myself this afternoon with Zuccini Bread I baked. So I went for a bike ride tonight, a kind of new habit. So far, so good. I toodle all over town and out on some thin country roads. I don't wear a helmet, but carry a cell phone in case I am still conscious enough to call an ambulance, as needed. I enjoy riding brakeless down hills, though I do have a bit of restimulation to a bad accident I had as a child on my bike. I hit some rocks at the bottom of a hill going rather fast when I was about 10 and got pretty scratched up on my left side. Anyway, the worst I've had at 45 is being hit in the cheek with a rock thrown from a careless guy using a weed eater. It's nice to smell the barbeques of other's food and hear the lawn mowers, now that I am hunkered down inside with the air conditioner on like the rest of world most of the summer. It's about 87 degrees according to a bank sign, and though while humid doesn't feel bad at all.

Boy14 and 15 are playing soccer in the backyard through the peach tree while I blog on the deck nearby.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Four Weddings and I hope not a Funeral

Jen is getting hitched Oct. 11 to her partner Becky. Luckily it doesn't conflict with the three other weddings I'm invited to this fall. The first is my youngest sister-in-law August 29 in Columbus, OH. She is the youngest of 10 and luckily her mom (age 75) will see her married. I think she has been worried about this. She and Jim have been hooked up for several years and this will be the first time Pat's family has been all together since his father passed away in 2000. Pat says I am moving up in in-law 'seniority.' 3 spouses have divorced out of the family since 2000.

The second wedding I have been asked to 'stand up' with my friend Terri Sept. 20 when she weds Jeff in a nearby town. We have been through a lot together so this will be fun. This is second marriage for both so it should be low-key. The reception will be outside near a lake, and I think there is going to be fresh smoked meat (not sure what kind).

Yesterday a co-worker announced her plan to renew her wedding vows in the Catholic Church and her intent to invite everyone from work. I can't remember the date, but it wasn't one of the above.

Well, I don't think I've been to a wedding in years. It's about the time where I will more likely to be invited as part of the parents-of-the-bride/groom guests. That's kind of weird, to be one of the old-timers.

As you might can tell, I'm a tad excited for it all!!