Sunday, July 27, 2008

A very good read

I've spent most of the day voraciously reading. This is definitely my kind of book. World War II historic novel. I've had to force myself out of the house to take a walk, a bike ride, visit my parents, a short weight lifting session not only to move my bones and avoid becoming a mole that can't see outside in the sunlight, but so that I won't finish the book too soon. Do you know the feeling? You want to slow down and savor it, but you keeping racing on to the end. I went out for a sugar-free vanilla iced coffee from McD's and have sorted through a couple closets for potential yard sale items. The boys are all away at a hockey game so it is sweet surrender to the book now.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Last Supper

Our last event together was dinner at Logan's. This is our usual stop, where you can eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor (and at each other). They have wonderful rolls that are buttery and free. Unfortunately, they wrecked the ribs, forgot to bring two sides, and the place was quite filthy. But who's complaining? We had fun.


On Sunday after the Ali Museum, we chilled a little bit then went to the 4:00 showing of Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D. What can I say? Brendan Fraser, action flick, cheap plot, cool effects. Really, the spit and measuring sticks and birds and fish were truly jumping out at us. Suspension of disbelief - just a little, kid's cell phone rings in the center of the earth, it's his mom. There was a cool scene in a mine shaft that was like a wild roller coaster ride. Overall, worth the reduced admission price (matinee) with contraband candy. I enjoy a fun movie in the summer, don't you?

I only felt bad that I didn't insist the theater recycle my glasses. Later I learned you can use them at home when you rent or buy the DVD! Yeah, like I'm going to watch that here we are all in our sick 3D glasses.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Float Like A Butterfly

Some images from the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY. We visited on Sunday. It was quite informational but I think the kids liked the long escalator the best.

I'm sorry for the blurriness. There was no flash allowed in the museum.

come on Marmol...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Weird Things

My kids find the weirdest things at Aunt Betsy's house. Then they put it on my camera! How to describe this? Have you ever driven or ridden in a camper? In the back window there is usually a weird magnifying panel. Betsy seemed to have one of these in her house, why? Because Chuck likes yard sales?

Anyway, to acheive this effect, hold weird magnifying mirror in front of face, take picture of it, and have a Fat Bastard type image.

Cranium Game and Pirates Hat

Weekend in Louisville Part I

We arrived in C’ville Friday around 5:00 Eastern. We relaxed a bit before heading downtown for our favorite Mediterranean (Middle Eastern) cuisine at Safier. Since two of the boys would prefer pizza and the Cold Stone Creamery was located in the Fourth Street Food Court, we took our falafel and Greek salad over there. Security was blocking our entrance and music was blaring so I couldn’t hear Betsy’s conversation. I thought maybe the area was unsafe or something, but it turned out the whole area would be an open beer garden and they wanted to make sure the kids didn’t get any alcohol??!! Okay, onto the food court. Nephew9 didn’t care for his ice cream selection (sweet cream and Twix, so Betsy had to give up her most delicious Cake Batter and Cookie Dough combo.

Afterwards, we walked along the Ohio River fossil beds, one of Boy15’s favorite places on earth. A brief stop at home and we were off to Best Buy to purchase a camera. See new photos here. I have to say I am so pleased I was able to operate the camera, software, memory card, cords, etc. all on my own. I do like the little Fuji with a big zoom. I felt like the Paparazzi stalking my own sister at Kentucky Kingdom today.

Yes, today was Kentucky Kingdom, and I was miserable the whole time. I thought my metabolism was set for a big day after working out at the Y but the heat and waiting around (I was to chicken to ride anything but the Baby Coaster) not to mention the packed water park, was too much for me. I melted and whined and frowned until we got home to the air conditioning, dinner and a nap. Click on picture to enlarge and see the fam.

I almost forgot to mention, Boy14’s up close and personal view of Freedom Hall and his beloved U of L Cardinals. Incidentally, American Idol registration began here today for Monday’s audition day. Note to all: stay away from this area.

Tonight we played a game of Cranium and it was pretty fun. The boys went shopping and Boy14 got a flat bill Pirates hat. Boy15 got an old school Mello Yellow hat that looked like a Goodwill special. I’m exhausted now. Will try some reading and relaxing in the privacy of my own room.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


When the highlight of the day was cleaning out the kitchen sink with Comet, it gives one pause. Was it really that bad a day? Have you a case of the blahs? Or was your sink so disgustingly filthy that anyone would find joy in its cleaning?

In 11.25 hours I will be off the beeper. In four moons I will have turned in my main paper for summer class (I finished ahead of schedule). In five days I will be visiting with my sister in Indiana. Those are the things I'm really looking forward to.

Is there anything strange about going to The Rocky Horror Picture Show with your 72 year old mother (not to mention my nubile age of 45)? Well, it is the stage version. And we're not going to the midnight showing. So, it should be interesting anyway. My mom says to me, "Do you think I should wear a raincoat?" Me: "It's been so bloody long ago I saw that movie, and I was undoubtedly drunk, I have no clue what to expect." We have a couple weeks to prepare.

The weather was a perfect 81 degrees today. I took two short walks, lifted my wimpy weights, did gobs of laundry including the sheets, read the newspaper, wrote to my Danish friend. It was a real relaxing day, quite wonderful, actually.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The weekend

I am furiously working on a short paper for school this weekend. I waited too long and now I can't get all the research I was hoping for, durn it.

I was thinking about getting my camera fixed, but after consulting the camera store who no doubt want to sell me a new camera, seems not worth it. It was a freebie and lasted two good years. I absolutely hate spending money. But once I decide I will just do it impulsively. I am not at that point yet. Perhaps, perhaps I will go to Best Buy or one of those big cheap places we don't have in my town, when I visit my sister next week near Louisville.

Does it ever feel like there is so much to do you will never get it all done? I have major and minor projects awaiting completion, and even waiting to be started. I have to keep reminding myself, things will work out, things will happen when they are meant to happen. Today, it just all feels overwhelming. Ginnie, don't tell, it's MERCURY RETROGRADE. haha

Monday, July 07, 2008


Weather, what an interesting topic! It has taken a turn towards the tropical at 92 Degrees and 47% humidity. Feels like a steambath out there. I am thankful for air conditioning today. It would be a good day to indulge in a hot weather favorite Tropical Sno. Also known as Italian Ice, Shaved Ice, snow cones, etc. It is a little trailer set up seasonally which has mini-franchises around our area. The artificially flavored ones give me a good internal clean-out so if you are going in for colonoscopy it might be an alternative to that nasty stuff you have to drink.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Party's Over

The last of our company is departing this morning after breakfast at the Sunshinie Cafe. The celebrating of my parents 50th anniversary is nearly complete. I think it was a good time for them. What they said from the beginning was all they wanted was to have the family together and we accomplished that except for Laura, age 17, who stayed in New Hampshire. I'm disappointed my camera gave out, but others filled in for the photography and we will hopefully get those pictures later.

On Friday night Betsy and Nephew9 arrived. She went to a 25 year class reunion and had a good enough time to return to the 'main' event the next evening. Chris, Donna, Neice11 and Nephew10 arrived Saturday in their RV. Don't ask how much the gas cost to drive it to Illinois from New Hampshire.

Boy14 had a traveling baseball tournament out of town Saturday-Sunday and some of us went to that on Sunday. The most interesting thing happened. They won the tournament! I don't think they were expected to win any tournaments this year, so it was a BIG thrill. We celebrated with Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream afterwards. I recommend it! They hand paddle your selection of add-ins into hard ice cream, form it back in a ball and you eat. Cake batter ice cream with cookie dough chunks is what you want to try. My mom and dad cooked a pork roast for dinner and the baseball crew arrived while the food was still warm.

Monday (Boy14's birthday) and Tuesday there were league baseball games in the evening, and we went to a waterpark and amusement center all day Tuesday. On Wednesday the kids hung out at the Lake near the camper and in the evening Pat cooked on the grill followed by the Talent Show. This year, we still voted for best act, but didn't give out prizes. There was a three way tie, that involved all the boys. Neice11 did a cooking show with grandma and while delicious, did not garner the votes of the Martial Arts demonstration by Nephews9 and 10 or Comedy with Boy14 or Trumpet Solo by Boy15.

Thursday at noon was the official 'anniversary party' consisting of about 10 of my parents oldest and bestest friends. They had a good time reminiscing but I had to excuse myself when the conversation turned to bowel surgery, etc. Chris' friend Tony and wife Laura (from Rhode Island) were visiting his dad in a nearby town, and were able to join us. Our friends Grace and Toru completed the cozy group. Chuck made it in from Indiana in time the night before so that was great. That evening I had a midterm and everyone relaxed at the Lake with a campfire (and pesky racoons, that's when I had to leave).

July 4 was a special family dinner at 5:00 at The Pier restaurant. We had made the reservation weeks before, but flooding on the Mississippi was threatening our plan. We found out on Monday that the water had reached the main floor of the restauarant though it was built on stilts (?) but would reopen Friday. This was about an hour's drive away, and when we got there we could see the water line on the trees, it had gone way up shore covering the waterfront park area. But luckily it did recede, they did open on time and we had a wonderful meal. It was relaxed, a beautiful view of the river, not crowded in the restaurant and the food was fantastic. Betsy asked if it trumped the Red Lobster dinner we had a decade ago. I didn't quite remember what she was talking about but I said yes, definitely. It was one of those things where everything is just right.

Later we watched fireworks in our town, but I was distracted taking pictures with my camera phone. Don't ask why. I just thought mine would be cooler than the stock ones they have on the camera (they were not).

Last night after the NH Vicks departed, the rest of us played a game of Pop Culture. It's one of those Cranium games where you sculpt, draw, act, hum, etc. It ended in a tie which was good.