Monday, May 26, 2008


I surprisingly enjoyed the final results show of American Idol. That song "Waiting for You" with Seal and Syesha was hot! David and David made beautiful harmony on their first duet of the evening, I'll call it "A Hero." Joel McHale was even spotted in the audience, my favorite from The Soup.

I love David Cook's reaction to the Ford Escape Hybrid gift. Once I got over being grossed out by his greasy look and bad haircut, I decided he was a sincerely nice guy and half-way talented.

Sweet, Graham Nash and Brooke White singing "Teach Your Children." He reminds me of a guy in Macomb. He's pretty well preserved for an old rock and rolla'. Brooke was one of my favorite contestants; a pretty, real folk singer. It was interesting when she would screw up her songs, showing that the show is truly live and she is vulnerable and human.

Who were those baby boys singing something really poppy about S.O.S.? Do not care for that.

Love the lady with the red pantsuit and purse. "Let My People Go" should have been a finalist, fo shizzle.

Sassy Carrie Underpants, I mean Underwood, is being a bad role model for young girls. I'm sorry to be a prude, but I've seen too many rural youth whose lives will be basically that, getting drunk in bars and not knowing the guy's last name, not because of Carrie, but somehow she makes it look glam...when it's not. And I'm sorry, but that outfit!

There is something mesmerizing about George Michael. I'm not sure what it is, but that guy fascinates me. I guess the image of him slumped over the wheel of his car somewhere in England with the paparazzi clicking away...then he gets up there and sings like nothing happened. Well, it was a few months ago. He is one kool kat with those aviators. I'm serious. That song was wicked. Paula and I both had tears in our eyes. I love how he said, "San Diego."

And the ending was, well, satisfying. Both boys seemed content with either place, but I'm glad the more atypical of the two won.

Last week, I ran off to Springfield for a day with the tip that "The Informant" was filming at our state Capitol. This is the new Matt Damon movie based on the Archer Daniels Midland price fixing scandal. Sounds like a real bore, but hey, when will Matt Damon be this close again? The icing was that Joel McHale was said to be co-starring as an FBI agent. That was a no-brainer. I had a friend who was crazy enough to go along on the fly. Unfortunately, things didn't work out too well, there were no Matt Damon sightings

Summer Time

I don't care what the calendar says, it's not summer until you are sitting outside basking in the sun and the game of baseball. That day finally came, yesterday. About 30 days late, by my estimation.

Boy13 played a tournament over the Memorial Day Weekend, so that was the focus of our time off. They ended up 2-2 and placing 7th out of 14. Friday evening was chilly, but the hot bats warmed things up with a win, on a walk-off Grand Slam. That's pretty exciting for these Pony League boys.

Saturday they took two losses and the weather was long sleeves and long pants, for sure.

Sunday was 80's and bug-free. Perfect conditions, but the game ended early with a 10 run rule in our favor. A good way to end the weekend.

The gas prices were near $4.00 a gallon and we had several hours of travelling back and forth to the other town. With food prices the way they are (over $25+ for fast food for 4), I would say it's getting to be an issue. I think about it anyway, and made sandwiches for Saturday, and Sunday after the game we were hosted by one of the kid's family to eat their graduation leftovers. It was a good time for the grown-ups and the kids to extend the fun we had at the games.

How about them Cubs??

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Little Spot of Tea

I do love a little spot of tea now and then. It's so civilized.

This particular tea was had at Dyrhaven north of Copenhagen. Also called Royal Deer Park. This is a wildlife refuge of sorts, where the deer run wild. They do have to close the park down when it's the rutting time, or whatever you call it. Other times, there are lots of walkers, horseback riders, even bikes, and occasionally the Royal family hunts here.
The dessert was fabulous. My notes say it was lemon pie with sour cream sauce. I just remember it was about the best tasting thing ever.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I mailed these to our Danish friends, and word came back that the reason they didn't send me any of the promised pictures was that none of their 180 pictures turned out. She described it as "Stocked locker" on her camera. This is Toke's mom who painstakingly documented everything Boy15 and Toke did for 12 days. What a disappointment to her.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Helsingborg, Sweden

This is the 14 students standing atop the fortress in Helsingborg that overlooks Denmark in the background. It is only 4 km. by boat.

We had to walk up many, many steps to get to this point. Other than that, we didn't do much, except drag some girls out of stores when it was time to board the ferry back to Denmark.

Kronborg Castle

This castle is also known as Hamlet's Castle, as Mr. Shakespeare based his fictional character of Hamlet off one of the Danish monarchs. I'm a little sketchy on the history. I'll probably look it up later and add it back in.

Kronborg is a well preserved castle with some very historic tapestries that tell many stories of the Danish royalty. I loved the real moat surrounding it (lower picture)! The case mates were very low ceiling-ed tunnels in the basement where imposing "Helgor" sleeps until Denmark is threatened and then he will awake and save the country.

Nonetheless, the location is Helsingnor, DK which is the closest spot to Sweden (Helsignborg). There are huge ferries every half hour, one of which we jumped on. It was exciting to go to another country, even if we were only there a short afternoon. The waterway between the two countries is very narrow which allowed the Danish King to collect taxes on all the boats passing through.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I was trying to get Pat to take a picture of my hair last week and I was laughing so hard, the pictures were horrible. This was the best one, but my ear is sticking out. It's kind of like when I try to sing in a microphone. I can't stop laughing. I guess it is an embarrassment reaction.
Everyone is bummed out at work so I made some little surprises and left them on everyone's desk this evening. Better than fattening everyone up with donuts.
I'm going to go have some watermelon before The Office begins.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Here is that famous mermaid, some say. I wasn't really aware that the Little Mermaid was a symbol of Denmark. They are very proud of their home-boy Hans Christian Andersen. I wasn't clear if this had something to do with the Disney cartoon about Ariel?? I'm a little more familiar with the ugly duckling story. Maybe someone can educate me here. I didn't want to ask too many ignorant questions and insult the proud Danes.

I was told this poor statue has been beheaded several times by hooligans (I thought there was no crime in Denmark). She's kind of small and dainty don't you think? I was imagining something larger and more imposing. She's lovely anyway...