Tuesday, April 29, 2008

View from the Operaen

This is the view from the Opera House and that is the Queen's compound (partly under renovation) in downtown Copenhagen. You see, the Opera House is actually on an island across from one of the inlets/canals in the city. There is water everywhere. You'd have to look at a map. Denmark is funky country of small islands and waterways between the Black Sea and the Baltic. That's why shipping and Naval activities are so important there.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


These 3 amazing chandeliers hanging in the lobby of the Operaen were designed by some famous guy, Olafur Eliasson, from Iceland.
Did I mention that Maersk guy paid $500,000,000 for this place? And he didn't even want it named after him? THAT'S WHAT IMPRESSED ME. Over here, it would be called The WASTE MANAGEMENT OPERA HOUSE, or some such B.S.

In that picture below, inside that beautiful curved wood is the main peformance hall. I thought that was so very unique and beautiful. Some of the kids actually went to a live performance while we were there with their host families. That was a cool thing. There was time for each student to spend with their hosts doing whatever that family had in mind. Some went to Art Museums, extra castles, Viking ship museum and I went on my geneaology expedition!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

This is the 2 year old opera house in Copenhagen. There are five floors under water, so you could say it is floating, in a sense. The shipping magnet Maersk, donated the funds. Actually, that's not the guy's name, but the company name. It reminds me of the Sydney Opera House Ginnie posted, but the architect is Danish.

We were treated to an exclusive backstage tour by the famous Wagner tenor, Stige Andersen (Danish). He is pictured above in Tristan and Isolde with his ex-wife. Their daughter, Mette-Marie is one of the students we were visiting. This was one of the highlights of the trip for many of us.

Changing of the Guard

One day we were eating lunch in the plaza of downtown Copenhagen, and the Queen's guard marched by playing their instruments. Apparently, when the Queen is in, the parade takes place every few hours when the guys change duty.

This was actually a little movie Boy15 took but apparently that doesn't transfer to Blogger, like You Tube does.

This is my boat

This is the 31 foot sailboat the Danish family in Rungsted Harbor so graciously gave me to live on for two weeks. The cabin is much bigger than I imagined it would be, and was stocked with breakfast, lunch and snack items. We had dinner together every night on the "big" boat, their family of four recently moved onto. I definitely got 'sea legs' when on land, the feeling of rocking especially when sitting down. One day after going to the bathroom in a castle, I asked if the castle was floating. I was really rocking.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Beirut

This our new family favorite You Tube video. Boy15 played mandolin in this cool little number last night at a high school event. We all love this song now, and he did a fantastic job. The kid who found and conceived this is pretty cool, too. Or is everyone else onto it?

Thursday, April 17, 2008


My plan was to do a post about my recent trip to Denmark, but I have forgotten how to Edit in Html, the photos aren't uploading properly, and my patience is wearing thin. Know that I will be back when I have some free time to post more about the wonderful trip I made with Boy15 in March.

Vibe and Me

This is me with Toke's mom, Vibe at her home in Niva. She is a lovely, well-educated, high intensity lady. She has lived in the States and travelled extensively. The families we met were considered the wealthiest in DK, very gracious and wonderful hosts.
Vibe and her husband Jesper invited Joanne (another chaperone) and me to dinner at her home. It started about 9 p.m. and ended quite late. It was a great evening.

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