Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last of Soccer

Pictures won't upload. grrr

One week later, the boys are getting ready to form a wall, to block the penalty kick. #3 Orange kicked it over the goal anyway.

Above that, Boy13 gets some action.

Final games of the year: Tie 2-2, Won 1-0 on October 29, 2007. Boy13 and I had a nice time riding up to the games together and eating at Perkins on the way home.
Final Record: 6-5-1
Okay, they are playing with the big boys, not bad.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

That's a Pastie

That picture below is the world famous Pastie. It's a little meat pie with chopped meat, potato, rutabaga and ?? Terri and I split this for a snack after having had a very filling lunch on Mackinac Island. It was quite perfect actually. The crust was delicious. Reminds me of the Nebraska sensation, the Runza, though the Runza is a little meat pie, stronger on onion. Boy19 really likes those. They are sold at a Runza chain, whereas pasties are sold at small roadside stands and gas stations, uncommercialized. One worker where we didn't buy a pastie said she didn't know how they came to be named, but they were brought over by the Cornish or Fins depending on who you talk to. Let me look that up and I'll be right back.

Wikipedia states the pastie is from Northern Ireland, but the information is a stub (look that one up!). Isn't Northern Ireland called Wales, which is the same as Cornish. Oh please correct me someone.

I thought this was really cute. The Uppers (Yoopers) called those from the Lower Peninsula Trolls (because they live under the bridge) and the tourists are called Fudgies because they are always in the fudge shops.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Taste Sensations

1. Name that Michigan taste treat pictured above for 25 Cents.
2. Beef/Elk/Venison Jerky - very big in Michigan, more of a moist variety, rated A-
3. Kettle Corn- sweet popcorn like we get at home, but lighter and crisper, rated A
4. Honey Crisp apples- juicy, sweet, crispy and priced better in Michigan, therefore rated A+
5. Pickled bologna- never heard of this one, but I tried it while cutting it up for the wedding and I liked it, though I don't meet too many foods I don't like, rated B

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mackinac Island

Ok, this is going to be out of order because I will tell you about the wedding day later. I am right now in what I thought was extinct, an Internet Cafe with computers, in Mackinac Island. I guess everyone else thinks a laptop is too heavy to carry around. Anyways...

We took the ferry over this morning and rented bikes almost immediately. We took a breathtaking 8 mile ride around the island. On the right was the crystal clear Lake ?? (Michigan or Huron). On the left was cliffs of forest and lots of hiking trails. We thought 8 miles riding was enough exercise, but next time I'm here, I'll save energy because there are tons of hiking trails out here. Only 7 bucks for the two hours. Not only was the water pristine, the air is so clean and crisp. The temperature is perfect, I'm guessing around 65 degrees. This is an awesome time to be in this resort area. Very little tourism and they're trying to get rid of all the merchandise cheap before winter.

I'm sorry I don't have pictures yet, because I can't download onto this computer, although I could probably find some on the Internet, but it's already costing $2.50 per 15 minutes.

We found out Saturday afternoon we weren't going to make it onto the Island last night. The last ferry left at 7:30 p.m. That would mean leaving the wedding at 4:30. The ceremony was at 2:00 but the official reception started at 5:00. Kind of rude for the Maid of Honor (Terri) to run out before the reception, besides the food was smelling really good, roasters full of pork, baked beans, salads, corn, green beans. It was yummy.

So, we ended up leaving Ithaca around 6:00 and it was 3 hours to Mackinaw City. Don't ask me why one is Mackinac and one is Mackinaw. We got a really nice Holiday Inn Express for $79 (off season). Their pillows are the bomb!

Got up at 7:30 in time to eat, cross the Mackinac Bridge (celebrating 50 years incidentally), and get on the ferry in St. Ignace at 9:00. It was too cold to ride up top. Everything has been perfect. I've almost got my souvenir shopping done. I had wanted a Michigan t-shirt for Boy13, but I missed out. Up here everything says Mackinac Island, very touristy. We had to stuff our buys into a locker because it was getting too heavy to carry. M.I. reportedly has the best fudge. I got two half pounds and I better not get my paws into it, because it's for my parents and Pat. Terri bought 5 half pounds. We chose some place that starts with M where the guys make the fudge in the window. What's with all the flipping it around that seems to be required?

Oh yea, you probably know there are no vehicles on the Island. Well, the horses are crapping all over the street. One guy is expected to walk around scooping it up, and he can't possibly keep up. We have not seen the Grand Hotel yet, except from the ferry on the way in. That will have to happen after lunch. Our return is 3:00. Then we are off across the Upper Peninsula (UP). You know they call them Uppers- I say uppers like the pills, but apparently you are laughed at for saying that because it's really You-ppers. I love the little language/pronunciation variations even within our country. Pasties.

I couldn't get my laptop connected at the hotel last night, and the desk clerks seemed to think I was an imbecile, because they just saw some little kid using his in the lobby. Thus, no pictures and wedding story, yet.

I just had to get a fix when I saw the Internet Cafe sign and actually saw computers set up inside. I'm the only one in here, BTW. And I thought those college girls were bad. Hmm. This is a real addiction. I hope I've said everything I wanted to, because I am not coming back in here. We are eating lunch in about a half hour, though I probably have enough sustenance to hold me for 3 days.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Last Evening

These are some friends of Roger from Canada. Keith has been all over the world on oil rigs (Turkey, Iran, Norway, Nova Scotia, Williston, ND). He and Roger told old stories around the fire last night about their adventures drillling for oil in North Dakota. The winter of 1980 was the coldest ever: -40 degrees and -123 windchill. Yow. I put that part in for my parents who are natives of ND, but were long gone by 1980. Anyway, Keith is a funny guy, ends most sentences with eh? We had a long discussion about Tim Horton's donuts (something I haven't seen since Buffalo, but there's one about 20 miles from here in Mt. Pleasant). The girls googled West Edmonton Mall which beats our Mall of America, in size anyway.
I'm looking out over a gorgeous field to the west this morning with trees in the background. The house has wonderful views and great big windows to see them from (more photos later). Last night was really comfortable. We all sat around watching The Family Guy, chosen by the under 25 crowd. Roger has two teenage boys as well. We all got a chuckle out of different things. I heard one of the girls comment, "This is a really nice evening." Brenda and Roger are very good hosts. Roger summed up most men's feelings about Chelsea Handler when we were watching her stand up routine, "She's nasty. My mother wouldn't like her."
There are going to be about 15 showers here this morning so I better get moving. I should be in Mackinac Island tonight. Ta-ta for now.
Brenda got a kick out of our quest for pasties (we pronounced it paste-ee). She corrected us before we embarrassed ourselves, it's pronounced past-ee. Pasties are like pot pies, not things you use to cover your breasts.

Friday, October 19, 2007

First Pic

Brenda showed us around her house and this is what we found in the closet??

Brenda's girls (college age) are arguing about which is better: Survivor Man or Man vs. Wild, and something about when one of them (Bear or S.M.) got naked and the blur spot was too small or too big.


I am now blogging my way to Michigan (Ginnie's stomping ground). My companion is my friend Terri who went on the East Coast trip with me last year. She is driving and that means it is daytime and not a metropolitan area. We only started about an hour late (9:30 am).

As we got near Galesburg, the trees started be those beautiful fall colors, so Michigan should be absolutely fabulous. My one mission which should be easy is to find a nice refrigerator magnet to bring back for someone.

Now at 8:41 Eastern time I am wireless in Terri's friend Brenda's home in Ithaca, MI. Brenda is from Illinois but recently moved here and is marrying Roger (Tom Selleck) tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. More on the great home (photos) later, when there's sunlight!

Oh, gotta run. There's a bonfire and marshmallows calling me...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Embarrassing Moment #2

First, I wanted to share this cute cartoon I saw in a college newspaper this week. Apparently, word has gotten around about our raccoon breaking in, and this is how he did it. We couldn't figure out how he got into that particular window, but now the mystery is solved.

My second embarrassing moment of the week (after having a chair pulled out from under me at school and falling to the floor) was when I stopped into McDonalds on Friday for an early lunch. I saw the old principal of our high school and was saying hello on my way to the restroom to wash my hands. I just pushed right into the bathroom and then as I was standing at the sink, I realized I hadn't really looked at the sign on the door, and sure enough when I looked to my right, there were urinals there. Luckily, no one was standing there. When I came out Mr. Sartore was politely ignoring me, but another gentleman that I know was smiling and had seen what I did. I thought it was pretty funny also.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Here is Toke and Boy14 on their last evening together. I am up now (5:49 am) to get him off to the train for Chicago Monday morning. At 2:30 am I was sleeping lightly due to being on call for work, and I got up to change beds and there is Boy19, 14 and Toke making pancakes along with a large mess in the kitchen. My kids don't have school today, but Toke had to get up at 5:00. He's going to be killed!
Sunday seemed like kind of a down day for the boys. They were working on a movie, which has yet to debut. There was homemade skateboard jumps in the parking lot next door. They skipped another "party" that one of the Danish hosts was having. Toke seemed happy to hang out here most of the time. I heard Boy13 tell Toke he would possibly be over to Denmark in a couple of years. This cultural exchange has really worked out wonderfully. I couldn't have dreamed of a better experience for us all.
I'm thinking maybe I will take the video footage they made and edit it into something nice for them. I'll need to get access to the lab at the University that has Final Cut Pro in order to do it, but it is fun work.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

More Farm

Here is Toke and me waiting for the others to show up at the farm. Yes, he wrote a bad word on his arm. Below shows that while one or two were riding the combine the others had to entertain themselves in a dry bean field. They found a mouse, played baseball and a little soccer.

Danes on the Farm

We had a visit to a farm today, where the Danes rode on a combine that was harvesting soybeans. I was surprised to hear Toke's teacher describe him as "distant" because we think he's anything but that. He's more intuitive and connected than any 15 year old I know. Top photo is Toke and Caspar disembarking from the combine. The lower is four Danish and one American on the left.
Boy19 got into the act today, and bought a new skateboard. He spent a few hours skateboarding with Toke. It was cool that they connected as well.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Go Cubs

I have not been following the Cubs like I should, but we are in Game 1 of the playoffs (?) at Arizona. I've heard DeRosa and Soriano have been sick* remember 'wicked' late in the season. No score yet in the bottom of the fourth.
The guitars are going in the back, but no drums after 10:00 pm. BTW, that's Boy13 joining in on drums in another picture from last night. Pretty funny, since he has no rhythm. Boy14 was at marching band practice from 5-9:15 tonight. They want to bring home the hardware this weekend and next at the bigger contests.
Make that one for Arizona. Homerun by Drew.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Band

A couple shots of the 3.5 hour jam session tonight. Toke is in the stripes, and shirtless. Danny, an American friend plays drums and guitar, also. Boy14 has a green t-shirt on. This is just what I imagined, hope for, when we first heard about this kid. I think we need to buy some standard earplugs. The boys have toilet paper stuffed in their ears. Toke bought a $60 skateboard today at The Bike Shop, to take home. His mom mailed him some underwear. I guess he forgot his???
Tomorrow we will try to get Boy14's passport applied for. Seems you have to have both parents and the kid there at the same time, before 3:30 at the courthouse, so this is a real pain. Hopefully, it works.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Cracking up

Toke is cracking everyone up. Pat was talking in Pat-code, and Toke had to ask for explanations. Well, Pat does this 'redneck' speak, and Toke says, "That's like a farmer, a retarded farmer?" Well, yeah, kind of. No offense, please. I have one friend and many relatives who are very smart farmers. I can hear him in the kitchen now practicing "Where'd y'all go to school at? skoo, schoo."

As he was getting ready to go out, Pat told Toke he didn't need a scarf, and he goes, "Ain't I?" We all laughed and he said doesn't everyone say that? "Gangsta rappers say 'ain't'. "

I finally had the brilliant idea to borrow my dad's camera, so this is Toke eating an omelet for breakfast yesterday. I used the video camera on the boys' jam session and a little skateboarding in front of the house. So when I figure out how to youtube, you can see that, too. Haha.

My main paper is done, and my short paper is done for tonight. My reading is not done, but that I can fake. Hooray! Ginnie, send me your email and I will forward "Transgender Issues in Boys Don't Cry."