Sunday, December 24, 2006

Helio Boy

My young hipster (Adam age 18) has to have the latest. While admitting he is addicted to material things to fill the void he felt when we moved from Western New York to rural Illinois, he NEEDS it nonethless. This Helio thing is a phone/video screen/internet/who knows what. Well, he sweet talked me into partially funding it for his Christmas present.

Otherwise, we are pretty much ready for Christmas here on Christmas Eve morning. Pat overdid on the kids, but says it's okay. I hope they appreciate it.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


I'm having a rare bout of insomnia. Watching the Carson Daly show, now 1:27 am. I don't see anything special about him or his show. Kind of boring. There is so much weird, creative stuff going on even on TV and these shows are so ho hum boring. Same format, same old celebs, music, etc. Two minutes of rote chit chat.

Got the laundry folded, though. That was good. The old sock and underwear pile under control. But there's still tons of dirty laundry all over.

These girls are singing all the words with Johnny what's his name of the Goo Goo Dolls. Old Buffalo band. I don't really like them, he looks like a male Cameron Diaz. The old rocker thing is really old, too.

Very negative mood I'm having.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

horsey throat

My own kid didn't recognize my voice when I answered the phone tonight. We had a good night, driving to Havana (Illinois, not Cuba, no cigars)for Cal's 7th grade Bball game. Traveling along were Pat *the driver*, Jeff *a friend* and Helen *another friend*. It was fun camraderie, even though there was quite a bit of fog on the way home. We feeded up the boys on nuggets, burgers and McFlurries and let them ride the school bus home.
And one, finger roll, setting a pick, Cal hit a sweet trey.

After coming home from work for a two hour nap this morning, the day was pretty okay. Tomorrow at work should be a big bore.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ice Storm

A supposed huge ice/snow storm has begun. Kids are way up for a Snow Day. The windows are pinging with icy pellets. The news says 8-10 inches which never happens here...

Giving thanks, a wee bit late, for a safe and great trip to Buffalo over the holiday. Seeing Ann Marie for about four hours. Cal survived the cut for jr. high basketball. Getting my feet out of constricting boots I wore today.

Tryouts for Harvey will take place shortly after the holidays. Am I really going to try out? Perhaps it depends on whether or not I am able to take the statistics course I registered for. That is, whether work will allow me the flexibiity to leave early a couple of days a week and make up the time.

I am very much looking forward to preparing for the holidays. Christmas letter (not the braggy kind, hopefully humorous), cookies, gift buying and making, tree trimming.

I'm hungry, maybe just craving food. I'm in a competition at work to lose weight per my personal goal. It was to lose five pounds over six weeks. This is week three and I am down a pound or so. Much better than gaining, the way I look at it!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Back in the Swim

Today marked my return to the Y pool after over a week. I have become so slovenly, though I could use the excuse of having my 'friend' visit this week. I was able to swim a mile which I haven't done in many weeks, maybe months. This used to be my usual Saturday workout. I kept waiting for my friends to arrive in the pool around 7:30 and conduct our weekly "chlorine klatsch" which I missed last week. No one arrived, thus I had to keep swimming the 36 laps...It could be the ladies are traveling this week for Thanksgiving, as two are retired, and one works at the university and has all of next week off. It's usually a good gossip/gab session while treading water in the deep end. I'm sure it annoys the lifeguard and everyone else in the pool.

I am somewhat (very) proud of my swimming ability as I never was confident of this growing up. I only barely made it out of Minnow in the Y swim lessons, which concluded with swimming the length of the pool. I made it, but not with any aplomb. When I started swimming for exercise 8 years ago (after noticing my flabby arm meat in an Easter picture one spring), I could only swim one length without resting. Gradually I went four and thought that was the pinnacle. When I swam 12 laps, I was elated! 25 laps was not much more effort. The goal was then one mile, or 36 laps. Just for the heck of it one day I swam 54 laps, what I figured would be equivalent to swimming to shore from Alcatraz (with some laps thrown in to account for the current).

Friday, November 10, 2006

new friend

I have my first internet friend (person met strictly over the internet). Maybe there's another word for it?? I tell my kids not to talk to strangers or meet people on the internet....

This is unusual because I don't know how to find my way around my own blog, let alone find someone known or unknown. I don't know what the dashboard is, how to search, etc. I will say I like much better than myspace which is completely vulgar too often.

Anyway, here is some weird coincidences: she just discovered Il Divo when I did, she watched the Country Music Awards (I just started liking country music after mocking it my whole life), she cuts her medication in half with a cool pill chopper just like I do, we both watch Dancing with Stars.

I'm not a fan of Barbra Streisand or Kenny Chesney.

My 13 year old is listening to tunes, here's a sampling: Steely Dan Mr. Woo, The Fray How to Save a Life, The Beatles I am the Walrus. He's too cool.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Myrtle Mae

I took the name Myrtle Mae because I'm thinking of trying out for the community theater production of "Harvey." I asked my parents if there were any small female roles and they recommended Myrtle Mae. There is also the sister Vita Louise, but she has a much bigger part (and older, too). You can tell the play is dated by the names, huh? Well, Myrtle has special family significance to me, it's my mother's name, my great aunt's name, and my paternal grandmother's name. I'm just lucky my mother hated it enough to never consider passing it on to me.

I wanted to write a whole blog around the idea that my son who is 13 is in a band, Geeks Play Guitar (check my space), and I was asking if all the songs were about "geeks"? He said no, but they're all emo. Emo? Emotional. I hadn't heard that one yet. I try to keep up with current music, culture and yes, words. Now that I've said this, I don't really have any more to add. One of my problems as a writer, I can't really elaborate on anything, or develop any ideas.

Tonight at Walgreen's my 12 year old boy bought Tag body spray. Hmm.

I'm looking for some good chick lit or anything to read of value.